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Shrinking Violet Feb 2015
So i tried to be Snow White
And did the whole pin-up girl look
Red lips, black hair, white skin.
then I joined a website
and learnt how to cook
and how to wield a rolling pin.
Then I sat and waited for a charming prince
who never came.
So I got up and made an apple pie
and lo seven guys turned up in a pinch
but most of them were really lame
and short and they didn't like the pie. I cried.
I threw the pie into the trash
where the rats choked on the apples
and waited for their own true love's kiss.

(But then I needn't have worried about making a hash
of things because later on the steps of an abandoned chapel,
The Anti-Pest Society gave me an award for getting rid of all the rats
and that's how I got work as an exterminator -which I am justifiably proud of and good at-
So hasta la vista baby, I'll be back.)
Very quite different from the previous one on romance. Ha.
Liz And Lilacs Jan 2015
The prince pecked my cheek
and led me away to his chambers.
A simple young maiden, meek,
Is what he saw in my eyes of embers.

Royalty always expected the best,
He didn't understand that I said no.
Said I to him, "Give it a rest"
He saw his faults and let me go.

Freedom was not true,
Not in the empire,
Out of the blue,
I was in the fire of desire.

No one says no to the prince.
Save yourself, just nod and wince.
The rhyme is a bit forced.
This wasn't supposed to be so dark, but all the romance I write ends up very unromantic.
Crushing Love Jan 2015
We walked into my room as happy as could be
even though it's only been two days. You looked at me and said
"Baby, I love you."

I looked at you and said
"What did you say?"

"I said I love you"

"That's what I thought you said. Come with me."
Runs into bedroom
"Oh yea, just like I planned, *** on the second date."
He whispered to himself.

He walks into the bedroom and before he knows what hit him or in this case knows what "Stabbed" him, I stabbed him in the back and he fell to the floor with a thump.

*:Nice try *******, but I love you doesn't work on me.
Chloe Jan 2015
The shoe won't fit...the shoe won't fit...

Cinderella sits on the velvet stool.

My toes won't heels won't fit...

She desperately crams her foot into the shoe.

The glass it against my blood...

Her curtain of locks mask her scrunched-up face.

Just a little longer....just a minute more...

She holds back the tears smarting in her eyes.

It fits...I'll make it fit...

Slowly, she gets on her own two feet.

A better life...better future...

*She grits her teeth, walking forward, step by step, scarlet tears dripping from her mangled feet.
Appreciate the shoes you walk in, because someone, somewhere out there, is desperate to be in yours. Be grateful. I know this is a little morbid, but...oh well.
betterdays Jan 2015
only the lonliest princess lived in the castle.
from room to room....
but alas, no one else
lived there.

she thought she saw
someone in the garden

...but convinced herself
it was the wind...
            and stayed indoors.

only the the lonliesst
gardener boy
was left,
to tend the gardens,
overgrown, as they were.

he thought he saw some one in the windows of the castle

...but he could never be sure... so he stayed outdoors

so the days passed....
and the lonliest people
in the world lived, unknowingly,
within reach of each other.

and where was the

...the one, who was meant
to put these lonely souls together....

she had gone to barbados
on holiday....
been hit by a falling coconut...
gotten amnesia
and was now making a living as waitress
...and wondering why
her back was itchy all the. time...
from where her wings
had retracted....
the moral.....
life does not always have a happy ending, stuff gets in the way...
...don't wait for someone else to create your happiness.
step outside your comfort zone and find it yourself.
Creep Jan 2015
Haha well okay, so I have this thing for fairy tales, and I love reading them. Sooooooooo cause I'm selfish ;) I want you guys to write a fairy tale. It can be based on something real or fake, but this is open to all interpretations, from old fairy tale cliches and writing styles, to a more modern take on it. Prose is good, but poetry is okay as well ^^ Tag it as #fairytalechallenge. Feel free to message me with questions, and to have fun with it, there are no boundaries!
Good luck and have fun! :D
pwetty pwease do dis challenge for meh? :3 cx

— The End —