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Cné Aug 2017
A tentative touch unsure
of erotica I've yet to explore.
Her sweet ripe ******* allure
my watering mouth can't ignore.

Tickling teasing touch to ignite us
giggling on our high
Soft soothing caresses in between
wondering why I was so shy...

Our fingers tangled in long blonde hair,
then gently stroking soft warm skin.
Bodies writhing, legs entwining,
where she ends, there I begin.

Oblivious to our thoughts
enambered with desires
Lips of wine in heated passion
soaring pleasures even higher.

Perfumed oil on bodies glistening,
**** laughs and playful fights.
Lace and heels and toys aplenty,
Girl, we'll make this last all night.

By EJ and Cné
A little wine
A little laugh
A little pleasure
For our own behalf

Thank you EJ for such inspiration
Traveler Jul 2017
Every ring needs a leader
He's not a "con man" just a cheater
Every ****** needs a pusher
She's a lover not a ******

As these gutters open wide
Feel the lust, you're still alive
Allow his words upon bare flesh
Close your eyes and hold your breath

Open up and let it out
Hum, moan, scream or shout
That's what living's all about

Every ring needs it's leader
He's a Poet with a one track meter
Traveler Tim
About no one in particular... (-:
Michael L Mar 2017
Coworkers seeking chit chat
I've a long night at that
Smiling and nodding robotically
If I leave they will hate me

The office party is on
They usually drag on till dawn
I look around for a spot
Just to hide out from the lot

Raising my head I see you
Eyes bright and blue
You look in my direction
I smile to show affection

As you move near me
My heart begins it's plea
Your fragrance precedes
A temptation indeed

Inches from me you stand
I reach out my hand
You slip your fingers in mine
Pulling me close its divine

You whisper in my ear
Why are you trembling dear?
I answer with a gentle kiss
Your smile tells me you like this

My intention is to hold you close
And dance until we overdose
My hands enjoy your curves
Another kiss to calm your nerves

Our bodies move in unison
This night has just begun
Dance with me till daybreak
These feelings I can't fake
For you xo
EJ Navarro Jun 2015
If it was for me.
It could be meant to be.
There's a chance for you and me.

Asking her for a dance,
Is like counting the stars by hand.
Asking her for her hand,
Is a one-in-a-million chance.

If fairytales did exist, won't you stay and reminisce.
Counting days that we'll miss.

— The End —