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SassyJ Mar 2016
Your stars glimmers
Belching, wrenching
Exposing my ethnic aura
A tape of heavenly bliss

The acoustic rhythm
Essentially subliminal
Satiably insatiable
Tracked traces covered

Your tree branching out
Railing through my bark
My bosoms blossoming
Tip-toe to my bareness

Your entirely arousing
A summation of beauty
A firefly to enlighten
Encased within to liven

A body I hold twinkles
Whistle magnetic presence
Sprinkle my mind to entwine
Assign your soul peacefully

A might, a light at sight
A whole in me,a one in you
Pluck, nip,smash,trap,stash
In dreamscapes and reality
AprilDawn Mar 2015
suddenly contained
your  presence
the other night
you hadn't really been there
for years
our time is over
I had to say
to your sad face
it’s not that I don’t
miss us
my life is so different
it just went
another way
After years of not seeing my late husband in my dreams , he was suddenly back again.I told him life had moved on for me ...

— The End —