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Mehak Jan 2018
In the silent auditorium of the silent city
Two sauntering steps were seen
According to the birdies they were,
Shivering in seventeen.
But the painter's painting was only black
Until two sauntering steps were on stage,
Starlight like diamonds on ballerina pumps
Was the only colour he added to the image.
You see how a mere touch of twinkle
Can add beauty upon;
From everything that's black,
He knows; a new star is born.
Life won't always be perfect. If it is gloomy and dark, stay in and donot give up. Because stars cannot shine without darkness.
Cynthia Apr 2014
We are more than we know, we are strong!
Like the ocean current pulling you
Slowly asking you to follow the sea
In deep waters where many have gone
unable to swim but learning to float

Your mind is on trial
Your limits are your death and survival
Don’t stop you are strong
Cross the ocean and you will find there are no limits
like a mind-your mind-to be found

Once you cross this expanding sea
You will know what awaits
Remember it’s just your own self-esteem
Making you weak.

Copyright© Cynthia Ulloa
All rights reserved.

— The End —