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Dhaara T Jan 2017
Look into my eyes
When I look at you
Do you see darkness?
Do you see me too?

Do you see the void
That I try to fill?
Through little exchanges
Killing silent moments that ****

Look into my eyes
Try to read more than you see
You may learn a thing or two
But can you, really, know me?

Do you see a soul
Who is as lost as you?
Do you see a friend?
Do you see an enemy too?
Dhaara T Dec 2016
Another dab of red on her lip
A final spray of fragrance
Baubles cuffing her dainty wrists
And a spring in her step

She steps out and steps into the car
Their eyes meet, a sparkle across one of her 32
He nods with a giggle, "Finally, the day has arrived..."
Zestful fingers turn the key, the engine revs up

And like always, she completes his sentence
With a bright one across her face
"Yes, the day we set each other free."
And together they burst

While little Macy and Phillip
Make promises, young in love
From afar, below the cliff,
They see light shine so bright, like fire burst

And perhaps, they were only firecrackers
Thinks Phillip, his innocent mind
Unable to tell a blast from a burst
But Macy knows, for she caused the brakes to fail

— The End —