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(a lighter piece sup *** wit tree)

'm, oh yes mud hum,
     who hoop fully iz zaftig
and/or mister
     Jack Rabbit, whoever wig
gulls or crinkles their nose
     creating a lil whirligig
at this bit of flummery unrig
yule lated impossible

     to make cogent
     and/or tangential with trig
perhaps best red
     after taking a swig
of vintage carrot juice with a sprig
of favorite herb, more'n enough
     to slake thirsting herd
     at the yearly

     Peter Rabbit shindig,
which senseless literary rig
ma roll even Bugs Bunny
     trump petting donned Taj Mahal
     swiftly tailored hare
     reed styled periwig,

     (would turnip his nose),
     button size or overbig,
yet all Joe King aside,
     and please do not think me a ****
excepting (Trix are for kids, eh...?)

this intentional faux paw, an
distress signal tis ideally geared
     for a Unitarian
     herbalist hook can
transform this pro
     fessed human imposter,
     (who in truth got cursed
     as a **** sapien

     by Bunny Foo Foo with elan)
particularly in the guise of Han
nub bull the cannibal,
     (whose unisexual name Jan)
also doubles up

     as my birth month
     dwells in Lan
zing, Michigan, and earns
     keeps employed as a nan

knee, yet experiences inner pan
dumb moan he yum,
     (seized with grippe to dig
     in Farmer Brown's garden), and ran
like the dickens
     all the way to Tran
sill vane ya leaping
     across Atlantic Ocean forced
     to adopt the lifestyle of a Van
dull with razor sharp buck teeth.
wheel ding utmost pro lix:
scrum compulsions won
despite feeling dog tired, (like a ton
of bricks weighed me down)

while seduced by the sun
solar radiation from the sky didst lightly run
sans, i experienced
a weird wired wider sensation pun
knee sensation otherwise, this sun dry

older puppy nun
the wiser (feeling akin
to an overly sated book worm
to boot) on a Mon
Day, nonetheless, forced
by male incarnation from Lon
don, (via NON FAKE voices

inside my noggin) a potential ***
these tired eyes, could NOT stop reading
even with figurative gun
at my head, until only sluggish progress made,
which daunting task not fun
bore witness thru novel

(in this instance plotting thru - dun
know if fie could finish
One Hundred Years Of Solitude -
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

pea pulling his story with bun
dulls of Hiss panic
Alpha Numeric characters, -
per printed page punctuated

concluded with a period,
(premature mental dejected ******* exclaimed
how ah yee got trounced
by harsh obsessive compulsive task master.

"Nay unto you Matthew Scott"!
Uttered by exactly same grievous rot
while er...mailer daemon (as above, ***
tent shill slave driver subsequently not

quite ditto for identical bon mot
mind wielding **** mask kid ding lot
intonation, now setting me hot
to worry about my thinning hair,
the little atop nixed noggin aye got

as expressed vis a vis A previous poem
of mine titled 'Argh! I suffer the plight of Bad
Hair Year In One Day!'
Dhaara T Dec 2016
Another dab of red on her lip
A final spray of fragrance
Baubles cuffing her dainty wrists
And a spring in her step

She steps out and steps into the car
Their eyes meet, a sparkle across one of her 32
He nods with a giggle, "Finally, the day has arrived..."
Zestful fingers turn the key, the engine revs up

And like always, she completes his sentence
With a bright one across her face
"Yes, the day we set each other free."
And together they burst

While little Macy and Phillip
Make promises, young in love
From afar, below the cliff,
They see light shine so bright, like fire burst

And perhaps, they were only firecrackers
Thinks Phillip, his innocent mind
Unable to tell a blast from a burst
But Macy knows, for she caused the brakes to fail
Guido Orifice Dec 2016
I have lost my son,
the child I loved so dearly.
Is this what life is about?
-Yamanoue no Okura, Lost Child

After knowing your eternal rest
my soul cries in its inner depth;
trying to trace a soft spot
for some wistful nostalgia
amidst your unbearable sadness
to which I can tell in all ways
hides between your lips
& scavenged in thoughts.

After knowing your untimely passing
it will never be the same again.
After all, when was the last time
you felt something different?

Those times solitary clouds
tried waiving your cracked loneliness;
you died, haplessly, alone & tragic
in the most uncompromising time.

What made you think to hang the world
into a subliminal rope? Was it delusion?

There are two things:
One, the intense heartbreak
between you and the world.
Second, the romantic union
with the abyss.

But what goes in between?

In between, there is you. Solely you.

The only thing, other people can’t see
is that how you lived in dullness.

Your life saw its day
& now your night comes to an end.

Lay to rest. Die not.
Some nights ago, a friend of mine told me about the death of a friend. Shocked and grief-stricken, I decided to devout a little time to trace her in my mournful memory. Dennise or “Dee”, 21, had enough of the world and decided to follow the idle thought of her mind.  She was a good friend to whom I owe great little things during my college years. She was one of my mates in the debate team. Dee is childish, I must confess but it is this character that makes her the darling of the crowd and the bud among men.

Dee will always be Dee. You will always be remembered.
Dee Sep 2014
A dream
By Dee
Debbie Brooks

Restless sleep last night

I tossed left and right

Across the everglades and leas 

I saw you running towards me. 

Out of breath, you came & clasped my hand

My heart pounding, I could barely understand, 

The distress, pain, aches reflected in your eye

Not a word spoken, yet all said by your sigh. 

I saw a teardrop rolling down your cheek

Adios my darling, hitherto we shall never meet

‘The dawn arrives’, is what you said silently

Why can’t you linger awhile? I beseeched fervently.

Confused paralyzed, I let you go 

And you were lost, gone – ergo

As I sat on the broken bench to catch my breath

I wondered was I, in holding on out of depth? 

Alas…I pray

Would you come back into my dream again tonight? 

Not to leave, but to stay on even after daylight? 

Not to cause agony & pain

But to stay, forever remain.


My love, I saw you in your dream
I traveled oh so far, waiting for an invitation
To be part of you once again
Your mind entwined with mine
Drove my heart to yours
And dreamed me so many times

Your dreams become my restless sleep
Tossing and turning with touches of your lips
That keeps me flooding with touches and love
That’s when I was running to you
You saw my teardrop, with touch of desperation

My heart pounding not understanding
The need I had for you,
Whispering we should ever meet,
Please do not let me go,
Your dreams are my dreams
Even in the daylight

I can taste your love like rain on my tongue
You teased my dream with droplets of you
With so many wild pleasures that lay in store
As our happiness dazzled before our eyes
Our dreams made one, that last time …
Love, Romance, collaboration

— The End —