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S I N Dec 2019
I remember my own Conceiving,
Stridulation of a loosen springs
Of jalopy parked somewhere in the rear
Of an upper level of a parking on the
Skirts of town forgotten by me but
Remembrance still is vivid as if I am
Creeping on my four to to the shaking
Out of tune a little vehicle with lights out
Both rear and front and litters of used Condoms with ***** filling and leaking
From its rubber carcass and butts Smothered though some flickering still
In the darkness of night on the skirt of
The forgotten town where misty and Panting glass was to and fro to and fro
Up and down and sidewise with a chance
Limb or feet splattered against sideways Windows leaving a print of sole with
All its interlaces and wrinkles and crinkles
And toes with torn flannel out of passion
Or just lost on the skirts of the town
Forgotten by Everyone but me where I am standing
Watching my own conceiving by monster
Of a doubled backs back in the car in the
Town where lights of out but reek was
There as if inherent in the very concrete
And all blocks and bricks and levels and
Tiers and I remember there my own
Conceiving as I was standing there on my
Own four and creeping up to swaying Lizzie and getting on my hind double
And approaching the panted and misty
Window with my both eyes reflecting
And glancing back at me at which a
Moment ever I arise with sweat
A-dripping down my temples and back
And cheeks and arms and breast
And wall in front of me in the dark
Town forgotten by everyone but me in the
Car where I remember was my own
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Important to be convinced before conceiving something new
Time has always remained important.

Important is the present moment in time;
important is the available time,
important because everything needs to be done within a stipulated time frame.

Every now and then there is always something to think of,
something new to think upon.
Every now and then there is something that goes on in the mind,
something different comes across the mind.

Important is that something that goes on in the mind
Important because it connects the past, present and also the future
Important is that moment in time when something concrete gets figured out in the mind with regards to the future.

Facts never need any conviction,
so does truth,
both of which never require any conviction.

Thoughts keep coming and going one after another
Positive attitude, positive mindset is what makes all the difference.

Think of past and present along the line of all that is going on in the mind keeping in mind an uncertain future.
The past will remain a thing of past while the future will get ascertained.

In any case,
at any point of time and at any stage,
it’s always important to have a conviction of own with regards to what needs to be done.

A convinced mind always knows the kind of efforts that are required and also puts in the same
A convinced mind knows the exact direction in which to move with regards to an aim that has been set, so as to refrain from all the negative thoughts and negative way of thinking.

Having a conviction of own makes all the difference,
a convinced mind can solve, resolve and settle everything and all that comes along it’s way,
if not by the way of it's thinking,
then by putting in the much needed extra effort,
which can also be the need of the hour.

So always have a conviction of own and then step ahead.
"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."  - Ben Sweetland

— The End —