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annh Mar 17
We are all dictionaries;
Collections of words,
Defined by our commonality,
Refined by our uniqueness.

We edit and omit,
Abbreviate and compound,
Expanding our vocabulary,
In the hope of rewriting our yesterdays
Into a best-selling tomorrow.
‘The greatest masterpiece in literature is only a dictionary out of order.’
- Jean Cocteau
rpkersting Mar 2018
It’s just the learning curve.
You’ll get it someday, son.
Everybody gets it someday, son.
You better get it someday, son.

Why aren’t you ******* getting it, son?

Grow up, and grow fast.
Get ahead. Get ***.
You gotta do it somehow,
and you better do it
right now.
Later, and you’ll be too late.
Missing the compound interest rates.
^my father never actually said this to me
SøułSurvivør Jul 2015

if i could be a compound
in God's wonderful world
i believe i would be water
raindrops sweet and mild
or a storm working with crops
for a harvesting unfurled

a peach cotton ball cloud
hung in a sunrise sky
a vapor like a sylph
who changes with each sigh
of breezes that are blowing
changing faces there up high

water then will change
when the cold wind blows
it freezes into crystals
a perfect world of snow
wonderous icy canyons
purest white in floes

glaciers break high mountains
to rubble which moves
wherever the ice takes it
the canyon is removed
it is a force to reckon with
this much has been prooved

of all the things in nature
it's there wherever you go
it moves the great and small
it's fast or very slow
there's no wonder of the world

like our magical H2O!

(C) 7/6/2015
It's a vapor. A solid. Or a liquid.
Actually we are composed greatly
of this compound!


— The End —