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Faithy Apr 2018
I’ve been chain smoking the night away, and choking on clean air
I’ve been wondering who I am and how I got here
I’ve been acting a bit anxious and seeming a bit sad, but truth is I’m unhappy and even a little mad. 
I want to start over and forget everything I knew, but somehow my head will never forget you.
I’ve been looking at the clouds and watching the sunset, 
I’ve been hoarding empty boxes of all these cigarettes.
I’ve been looking for new things to discover and to do, but some how everything goes back to you.
RV Oct 2015
Ashes fall, ashes fall
Tell me if this gray dust is beautiful enough
To take away your life by breaths

Ashes fall, ashes fall
Tell me if they land on the small of your back
And if it hurts
And if you want it to hurt you again.

Ashes fall, ashes fall
Tell me if the back of your mind
Screams at night
That you have to light another stick again
And let the ashes fall.

Tell me if you want my ashes to fall.

— The End —