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Nik May 2016
America, you are corrupt
America, you feed fuel to the fire that diminushes the lower class
America, why are you so obsessed with power?
America, why do you insist on shaming the human body?
Is it because the government is scared of being naked itself?
That if the government let some skin show all its secrets would show with it?
America, why most you antaognize me?

America, why are you so obsessed with war?
America, you don't need to be so obsessed with war.
Your manhood is so offended that you take all the men from their hoods and send them off to fight in your pity wars.
America, land of the brave.
America, land of the men who are so terrified of the color red that all they see is red.
Red, white and blue.
America, are you a communist?

America, why can't I smoke some trees in peace?
America, you cut down trees:
Are we any different?

America, are we any different?
You and your Americans shame everything that isn't white
No wonder it took so long to perfect the color television
America, why do you hate rainbows
You'd have it rain like bombs before you'd let in a new kind of beautiful
America, you are not beautiful
America, you are not beautiful
America, look into the eyes of the American people and take a look at your own reflection
America, you can be beautiful.
America, you truly can be beautiful
America, one day I hope you are beautiful

— The End —