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the witch
by michael r. burch

her fingers draw into claws
she cackles through rotting teeth ...
u ask “are there witches?”
(yet she has my belief)

Keywords/Tags: witch, witches, Halloween, fingers, nails, claws, talons, cackle, cackles, teeth, rotting, rotten, broom, broomstick, cat
writerReader Jan 2015
i hear her
crackle and her
cackle and her
clomping and
her stomping and
i feel her
silver hair and
cassie sky Sep 2017
If the good witch catches you
She might just let you be
But if the bad witch catches you,
She's the last thing you'll ever see
A poem I recited for the neighborhood kids who like to climb all over my porch while I smoke cigarettes.. response was "she's really weird, I'm going home". Mission accomplished :o)

— The End —