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Mar 2017
I heard
the lord did nothing for a loser
Why create me a shoddy willed drug abuser ;
used to watch when small as the sun rise and fall
Now i sit inside but cant escape the fiery ball
crippled by depression
My weapon is my mind
so of-course it figures
into it devils grind ;
Their paws
the people clapped their hands and show applause
When another brother who mislabeled is in gauss  
quick to point the finger
"Muslims are the enemy"
"evil white oppressor"
Aren't we all the same
the only standing difference
Is skin color and name..

I heard ;
that dog eat dog was never the way
As if people were at peace before on some later date
planned on bringing wood to burn
To reset that fire ;
till i grew to know my brothers and became uninspired..
My heart is often shriveled
anxiety derailing
As if before i start i slip and fall already failing
i heard that god was evil
He basked in the light
if you questioned his work
you were cast in the night
I would sit in the trees
when the sun's feeling down
As i spoke to the moon
with my feet off the ground.
Mark The Vagabond
Written by
Mark The Vagabond
     Crazy Diamond Kristy
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