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samantha Jan 2019
this is why
this is why i don’t open up

i don’t get involved
i keep my circle small

maybe i’m lonely sometimes
maybe i get jealous of other people sometimes

but at least i never got hurt like this
not good, but the first thoughts that came to head and just so happened to write them down.
Max Asher Dec 2018
Im sinking in my thoughts
There’s so much around me
I’d rather hold my breath
For hours underwater
December 20, 2018
Max Asher Dec 2018
I miss you
I do
I cant even lie
But when you looked me in the face
Like you wanted me to die
I knew that you dont miss me

So here i am
Writing this ****** poem
That doesnt even rhyme

Here goes

You looked at me
I tried to smile
You rolled your eyes
And told me to leave you alone.

So I’m doing that
I’m not gonna lie
Saying that i dont still love you
But I’m not gonna lie and say i do

I moved on
Ive met someone new
I like them
And i Think
They like me too

Talking to them
Letting loose
Feelings of happiness
I’ve never felt before

Their smile passes yours
without a second thought
Their laugh is so contagious
That’s their like a drug
I wouldn’t mind having an addiction to.

So no I wouldn’t say
i dont still love you
But i also wouldn’t say
I do.
December 11, 2018
mks May 2018
she says
knife to your throat and gun to your spine
do you swear on your life that you’re mine

i tell her
put down the knife and set the gun aside
i don’t need death to threaten what is already in my mind

she screams
wrong, incorrect, you’re out of time
she struck me down, yes, she crossed a line

I smile
even death at your hands feels this sublime
even with blood on my skin, I insist I’m fine

she shouts
oh good, oh wonderful, this is divine
you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine
Ashley Sagans Dec 2016
Heroes aren't perfect.
They are broken pieces placed together to form a beautiful mosaic and yet they don't give up.
Their heart hasn't always known the 'right' choice, for they too have felt anger, doubt, pain and in the midst of those negative emotions they choose happiness.
Heroes aren't fearless.
How do you think they became heroes? By facing their fears head on, looking them in the eye while saying, "you do not control me anymore."
Being fearless means that you have never loved anything so much that losing it could break you.
Heroes are brave.
For when the final battle comes, they look at the world with bloodstained teeth and tears behind their eyes with a crooked, sinister smile and say,
"is that all you got?"

— The End —