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Johnny walker Feb 18
No more kissing will I ever do or holding hand as we walked no more rides In the car with Helen sat beside me

No more trips to seaside or dinky doughnuts down by the sea nice cups of tea no more Ice cream or watching donkey giving ride on the beach to the children

And no tea and white buttered toast at her favourite cafe In the mornings no kissing goodnight or waking to
her upon the morning light no more brushing or washing her hair

No helping Helen to dress in the mornings or
getting her ready for bed In the evenings and all of this sadly missed for I'll never do any this
The sudden awareness she not there and all the things you did together you'll no longer do
empty seas Jan 2018
This is a horror
I thought dogs don't shed right now
God, there's so much hair
Aren't dogs supposed to stop shedding during winter?? This is ridiculous
I never meant for it to be this way
It's just how the favor decays
Our luck ran into a drought
Nothing was trying to sprout
You became perplexed with my intentions
Maybe it was a tremendous hiccup in my retention
If that's the case, I'll take the L
Brushing the dust off my shelf
Letting those moments get shelved
Like a failed album from a music group nobody remembers

— The End —