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Kaitland Jan 12
I twist and contort from the light
Hiding my cracking porcelain skin
If I step too hard an arm will fall to the earth and shatter. Turn to quick and my ribs will crumble inwards. So delicate I walk on glass  stick legs, careful my footprints don’t leave stains in the snow. I shudder upwards towards the moon but only reach my bedroom window, in I go, they’ll never know.
I prop myself up on the wire stand that keeps me from collapsing and gently lower down the bell jar that keeps me safe. I pop a blue pill to sleep and pray I don’t wake up tomorrow.
aury Dec 2018
there once a bittersweet girl
she was fragile like a porcelain doll
and had a hopeful heart, unbroken yet

she fell in love with a boy
dark and stormy on the inside,
shattered more than a few times

their story is anything but a fairy tale
tumultuous from start to end
taking place a long, long time ago

this girl was not the nicest
not the happiest
or the easiest to please

but with him she was
a star, a summer breeze, a
soul truly at ease

his gloomy blue clouds
began to follow her around
stifling her golden glow

it wasn’t long before this
sad boy
got bored of his lovely doll

soon he found a new toy
something fun to entertain
and this new dolly quickly fell right into his trap

he whispered to his secret toy
sweet nothings all night long
although she knew he wasn’t hers all along

his golden girl never heard
a thing
her ignorance was simply bliss

his pretty new toy made him so happy
he couldn’t bear to part ways, so with her
he spent his sleepy nights, with his doll his days

he told her she was special,
his favorite little princess,
the secret was now far too much to hide

rumors only grow
so soon enough the word got round
and our stormy boy was caught

the porcelain doll
was shattered
from the inside out

but time went fast
the cracks were sealed
and the golden girl moved on

the same cannot be said
of the boy
who broke her heart

he loves her still
and lives alone
ashamed of what he’s done

he left his toys
and the years blew past
yet he never loved again
based on a true story

— The End —