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Parker Poole Apr 2020
"At what point did you realize you were no longer living, but rather, just existing?"

Entire life filled with traumas, scorched by everyone, my father and my mama
Sin soaked cheeks and violet lies I was living just to get by
Trapped in survival mode going where no man or woman, let alone child should go
Numbed to the fact that this wasnt normal, or maybe the universe just has funny morals
But I pulled myself out of that life, desired more for my daughter, to see her thrive
Comfortability set in and everything crashed, and before my eyes my life flashed
Drowning in chaotic thoughts catatonic, two years it's cost
A shell of a human beginning to pick up my pieces, there's lots of faces to my demons
Have I ever lived before? Or have I always just existed?
Kobeee Mar 2020
For there is nothing left to write
Love and kindness was already out of my mind
Its just a sad,blank and depressing life
Full of regrets that would hunt me til i die

For i am a fallen poet
Full of emotions i couldn't write
Death was already in my sight
I'm telling you there is nothing left to write
sad life eh lol
Xallan Nov 2017
Isolation is not eternal
And certainly not is love-
Both presence of, and lack of, love
Will fade eventually- it's a matter of time
Loneliness is not without words.
But, maybe you do not need romance-
The gods have already built you complete
And you may laugh at these lost souls
Still wandering in damnation
In search of their other half.
Or perhaps you conjecture-
That you found yours but it was
Not to be, and now it is a broken memory
But fret not- for that was a lesson
Rather, on how not to love
And wiser still you may find joy.
But say you have, and all is right
Rarely does the world leave it be
And, complete, you will be broken-
Perhaps, those who will never find love
Are better off, forever alone.
It is perfectly fine to be single and a ******. Don't let society determine your worth by how far you were able to ****** someone. That's ridiculous. Love the fact that you are single and alive and need no one.
Mims Sep 2017
Laughing kids,
Each smile painted on their face,
In whitening toothpaste,
Beautiful girls and,
Athletic boys,
And you,
And me,
The two from ****** up families,
Talking about our shared anxiety,
A party,
I will find the one most broken,
And talk to them,
Because everything they say is just,
So **** relateble,
You tell me you've broken fingers,
Punching things,
And everyone laughs and says:
"He totally has!"
And I tell you that my fingers never broke,
But my wall did,
On several occasions,
You tell me your dad,
Is always drunk as ****,
And I tell you mine didn't need alcohol to hit,
You tell me you never go to school because of your anxiety disorder,
And anger issues,
And depressive episodes,
I tell you: "oh my god me too!"
Because you're just,
So **** relateble.
Met a boy at a party.
I think we're best friends now.

"Is Tyler converting you?"
"Aw you'd like that wouldn't you"

— The End —