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SophiaAtlas Sep 2021
It's okay to be white
It's okay to be black
It's okay to be Asian
It's okay to be Hispanic
It's okay to be female
It's okay to be male
It's okay to be gay
It's okay to be straight
It's okay to be YOU.

What's NOT okay is skipping a track on The Black Parade.
Salsabila Farah Jul 2016
I am a disaster
Smokey eyes and dark lipstick
With a choker around my neck
I was choked all night

The panic attacks
The disappointment
The sadness
It just bursts
Into an uncontrollably cries

Maybe it’s the darkness
Maybe it’s the choker
Or maybe,
It’s just how I am

you can find more poems on my instagram : @worddevotee
ryn Feb 2016
Today bears the weight of erstwhile trepidation.
Uncertainties exhumed only to be hung up as ominous flags.
Black as night my widowed heart paraded through the procession.
Garbed in ash encrusted, sequinned frock, hemmed train all tattered in rags.

Herald the face with no features yet obscured behind a chiffon veil.
In hands, a bouquet of black roses, worm-eaten to the stems.
The mourning sun only gave the weakest glow,
feeble attempt to rejuvenate all that is stale;
to imbue the shimmer back into forsaken jewels and dulled gems.

Her entourage kept up with heavy feet; all grim and sullen.
Also faceless... Armed with pitchforks and torches.
Today they will draw much; having thirst for crimson.
Today they witness her death as the black parade marches.
Inspired by My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade".
Alyssa Crow Jun 2014
If I wasn't selfish
If I was kind
Maybe I'd heal
Over time

I want to be kind
I want to be strong
I need to go
Where I belong
That would be
6ft under ground
In a black coffin
To join the black parade.
Inspired by black parade by MCR

— The End —