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Jo Baez Jan 2016
I have to be honest with myself
I'll never live up to my old man's expectations
I'll never be my mother's pride or joy
I'm the ******* son,
the one who made the choice...
I made a choice to follow my hopes and dreams
Against all odds and every struggles life throws at me
because it's so easy to give up and it's so easy to fail yourself
I won't fail myself
I won't give up
Passion is all I have
Is what keeps me alive fighting for what I believe in
Simon Woodstock Apr 2015
nothing but a ******* son
obsessed with my own death but the first to run
on a road to self destruction
school is to drool because I never stay awake
and love is to self because it's the only kind that isn't fake
wake is to bake the only times where I don't hate myself
life is a strife where everything feels perfect when nothings alright
death is what comes next because time never has the time to enjoy the light
drugs give the warmest hugs but when they leave make you feel so unloved
alcohol is to diet because how else do I keep this weight off
a blank mind feels so kind
ignorance I wish was mine
only blind men have clean souls
dreams are haunting because they feel real and right until I wake up to the afternoon light
****** and alone I laugh at everything but feel so alone
lost in thought and memories

— The End —