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Lila Platt Aug 2019
my life is a rollercoaster ride
the feeling of a hundred butterflies fluttering
the euphoria and adrenaline of accelerating down the drop at eighty miles an hour
until it’s all over and you’re left
wondering how the good times went by so fast
i don’t know what this is i just randomly thought of it and decided to post it for no apparent reason, so i hope someone can find something of this :)
No One Jan 2019
I sit in silence, enveloped in darkness.
Why my sorrow beacons thee to bother me,
Why thy can not comprehend my lonesome is welcomed,
Why thy inhabit my domain,
Is quite beyond me indeed.
Please oh please explain to me,
Why you cant just let me be,
Is beyond me, quite beyond me indeed.
Don't you see?
I do not welcome thy company.
Please oh please just leave me be,
Why thy bother me is quite beyond me.
Bruh why was I trying to be Shakespeare when I was 13 ****. I think I wrote this during math class. I know I was at school. Gave me a good chuckle so I thought I'd share lol
Taylor Shelton Mar 2016
Beautiful voices
Mouth shut
I know I won't
Don't talk or get compared
So I stay silent I don't care
Never been heard
So why waste your energy
for un tasteful sounds to come out
Winds whistling
It's the wind
Not me
Natures beauty
At least it can sing

— The End —