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No One Jan 2019
Doth thou crimson turn to dust? Does death fulfill your hefty lust? Fallen angels bow to prey, raging demons come to play. Cry for help and sing your sorrow, darkness makes you very hollow. Feel the cold continue to linger, feel the touch of gentle fingers. Drown yourself in pools of tears, understand your deepest fears. Beautiful dreamer don't you cry, close your eyes and say goodbye.

           A sinful soul is laid to rest, a protective cross upon her breast. Brush the hair from her cheek, pray the lord her soul to keep. May her rest be peaceful smiles, may her spirit soar for miles.Travel to the fields and obtain her flowers, time ticks slowly between the hours. Go back to her for she is waiting, hold her close to keep from fading. Carry her down to the river, saying goodbye makes you shiver. Lay her down in the warm summer springs, let her go to see her kings. Beautiful dreamer don't you cry, close your eyes and say goodbye.
The first poem I ever wrote for fun. I was 12.  I may re-write something with a similar feel. I like where I was going with it, but it's a bit rough.
No One Jan 2019
I sit in silence, enveloped in darkness.
Why my sorrow beacons thee to bother me,
Why thy can not comprehend my lonesome is welcomed,
Why thy inhabit my domain,
Is quite beyond me indeed.
Please oh please explain to me,
Why you cant just let me be,
Is beyond me, quite beyond me indeed.
Don't you see?
I do not welcome thy company.
Please oh please just leave me be,
Why thy bother me is quite beyond me.
Bruh why was I trying to be Shakespeare when I was 13 ****. I think I wrote this during math class. I know I was at school. Gave me a good chuckle so I thought I'd share lol
No One Jan 2019
The dawn of midnight beckons me into it's frozen grasp.
The tears won't stop rolling down my face so I put on a mask.  
No moon tonight to light my way into the morning's sun.
No stars to tell me where to go when I just need to run.
So I look into the black night,  one last faithful time, and knock away the wooden chair to make my life not mine.
yeahhhhh This one is dark.  Suicide isn't the answer guys.
No One Jan 2019
My family surrounds me, fake smile and false dreams
Yet I'm still alone, no one really is around me.
This not a home, but a raging war
I am all alone, never okay anymore.
I hate the holidays
No One Jan 2019
Sometimes silence is much louder than words
Silence is staring into your soul
Pointing out every flaw
Every insecurity
The silence takes a toll
It tests you
How much can you take
Because sometimes
Silence can be much louder than words
No One Jan 2019
I'm drowning in my sorrows
And I'm dying in my mind
I can't drown my demons
For they know how to hide
My raging emotions are not just a phase
Help me please
Take it all away

The sun doesn't shine
Doesn't exist in my mind
The rain pours down in the blackened sky
I used to fly
So very high
Now I die
Under angry skies

I'm bound by my emotions
Held back by my pain
I'm shackled by the insanity inside of my brain
I hurt inside
I need to release the pain
Help me please
I'm going under
Written shortly after my Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD diagnosis while in the hospital. Definetly brings back some memories
No One Jan 2019
The tears drip down my face like a water color paint
Leaving trails of blue down my ivory skin
My freckle are splattered on by tree bark paint
My irises are covered in azure sky paint
The art of my world
Created by god
Causes me to smile
In the yellow painted sun
Written after I tried to do a self portrait with acrylics... It didn't work out very well lol
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