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Erika LaPin Jun 2018
A poem a day is all I need,
To blog with friends is an inspirational leave.
I am uplifted physically as I read
uuup, and breathe
A poem a day, brings my nights to life,
illuminating the vacant space in the darkest nights
a sweet escape from the life I lead
Please grant me access, so I may proceed.

A poem a day is all I need
First live poem, I hope you can vibe with it!
Deniz Demiriz Aug 2017
My hands miss the rain
and the pitter patter of hail
December and all it brings
and freckles that don’t wash out.

They miss the dim yellow light
that shone through your teeth
that made them into thieves
filling them with blood
that stole my pulse.

And your eyes like wine
that brought the stars upon them.

My hands can’t think straight anymore
they fumble and cry.
Fingernails bleed,
they cling to one more hour of night
They forget to breathe
starved of air until they ***** open
joints swollen and askew
Unable to point

My hands are now stained
with henna and tears
as they itch with longing

August, 2017
I'm not going
To sit here and lie
That like apple pie
Gone from a window sill
I missed you,
Like all those socks
The minutes that escape
From all the clocks
How I feared
You wouldn't return,
What time could ****
Without our knowing
What we couldn't do
What we couldn't shape,
What I wouldn't endure
For a tenure
Next to you,
Night comes
But once a day
But you,
You are
My blue moon...

APAD16 - 008 © okpoet
I won't ever leave,
Not because
I have nowhere to go,
But because
Next to you
Is where I truly want to be,
You are
The other side
The just right,
******' perfect
The just one reason,
You are
The lemons
And chips,
Right side up
My good side,
All the **** and darkness
Gritty skies
And the bitter cold;
My insanity and distress
Is the absence
Of you...

APAD16 - 007 © okpoet
What am I
To get over?
She is the real Durden
Everything that I am not
But an apple turnover,
Spickle and spackle
Listen to the crinkle
And the crackle,
What plays the mind
If the records
No longer spin,
Retreat retreat retreat
On repeat
No baffle
To this wiffle
Waffles in the AM,
Pockets empty
There is nothing to collect
Unemployed dreams
I question the sparkle,
The sweet of the sprinkles
This life long ago wrecked...

APAD16 - 006 © okpoet
But can't
Fight the current,
Let myself sink
To the bottom,
Hold my breath
Until I either surrender
Or come up,
But I won't give up
And I can't figure out why,
What's the prize?
High price
To pay,
For the light of day
To shine,
Breath in
Can't stop
To choke,
Laugh hard
Even if I don't know
What is the joke,
There is no reward
For this pain...

APAD16 - 005 © okpoet
He comes
Under the stealth of night
Dark as darkness
In the absence of light,
As she dons
The beast within
Unveils herself,
A want
Not unlike a thirst
Is it soul against soul
Or a moth burning
To her light?
What does he take
If she has but one thing to give,
Is this what
Is this all
That we come for,
On all fours
Bare all
Can't take nothing back
Is there any depth
To the smile
As her heart beckons?

APAD16 - 004 © okpoet
lost in my mind Mar 2015
A poem a day keep insanity at bay!
or sanity at bay,
honestly either one goes.

— The End —