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Poetical Aug 2020
is very clever
if you're a dunce
who thinks in puns.

It's cheesy, bland,
insipid, and canned.
It's anti-poetic
and grossly emetic.

It's meant to convince
you while you wince
that all is well
at the Bill Gates of Hell.
JS CARIE Mar 2019
At the same time of year
cold winds bite down and continue to blow
my knuckles encounter these tearing gusts with ripped chapping

Alone together
As the moon veils through the curtain
and the only noise outside
are echoes of crickets chirping

Embrace is proffered
Under a dim glare from the lunar glow  
a lucky duo who are in need of an other to bestow
Heedlessly collect the offer

she coats her fingers and palms in oil & aloe
one at a time our hands begin binding
regarding this oil from plants insides refined
creating a mirrored rhyme

Her hands of wisdom take on a placidity
when combing over my wounded misery
I can see the searing adopt a soothing
Into every finger
she sends the technique of love speak
what it is to see in motion and defining
...the endearing
floW Jan 2019
Hop in,
Let’s go,
Get me out.
Let’s get away.

We zone and gas it,
The time slips by like water down a drain,
Loud silence fills the empty air at times,
Followed by off-key shouts along with the current song,

We all just need a way out,
A temporary place to hide,
We go not to be alone,
But to be
Alone Together.

— The End —