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For your Aces ♢♧  and Eights of ♢ ♧ Wealth and Brutality or as we boys from the Edge call it the Dead Mans Hand, and that be your hand son not that of any of me or mine, but, don't look so distressed, did we happen to mention we are impressed, though this will have to go down in your permanent  record.

I say , it's all good, and it's all fun, so get in the pit and try and Love someone, for son we are a Full House Ace of Black Hearts ♥ Ace of Spades ♠ , with the King♔♡ 's  Queen♕♡ 's  and Jack♘ ♡ 's of hearts  and it's our House you in, so, hum, does this mean the Good of our Fathers House Wins?, I say, always and forever, dare to care and spare the fear, and need not shed another tear, stand straight and no more hesitate in the last first and none last truest of loves verse.

Motörhead - Ace of Spades
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Motörhead - Ace of Spades (slow Acoustic version)
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AC DC - Who Made Who lyrics
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AC DC Ride On
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On the street edgings
peddling their wares and
nobody cares.

More people are done by drugs people have done
and it's not any fun

I leave them alone now and get
by without them,
life seems a
lot better.
Shayla Jade Oct 2014
My words have just been ramblin',
I left the rhyming state of mind.
The ace of spades is gamblin',
but the rabbit's now on time.

Elevator going down,
catching buses to the sound.
How do I know that I am late?
Time exists in spite of fate.

We're racing, now, against the clock
in circles, 'round the spokes.
I've forgotten how the ticking tocks,
for the gears have been long broke.

Darlin', won't you take my hand?
They're try'na pull you under and
together we can leave this land,
but you must know just where you stand.


This shortcut leads to trouble,
but you'll get there on the double.
Bad ideas, I've had a couple;
my shattered thoughts within the rubble.

Broken fragments of my mind,
my fate's aligning just in time.
To the past, I'm disinclined;
looking down an uphill climb.


You're sending me a message
about the faithfulness of love;
the white rabbit left me breathless,
I still don't know what you speak of.

"I chose you, please choose me, too?"
I'm running, but I don't know what to.
I've fallen down the rabbit's hole,
into a world without console.

— The End —