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Shayla Jade Oct 2014
Racing through the canyon,
gaining speed at every turn,
two outlaws and companions,
never again will they return

to a little town called Seco,
tucked away within the hills,
a little place to get low,
tucked away from hidden thrills.

Dead Man’s Creek once filled with cries,
now the river bed runs dry.
Vultures deeply flood the skies,
Whiskey Joe rolled his snake eyes.

Said we made it to Arroyo,
good place to drown your sorrows.
His left pocket held a photo,
forever livin’ in his morrows.

The vortex in the valley,
out in the sun in Cali.
In a land that feels free,
though it’s stolen country.

The devil’s talkin’ in your dreams,
blood line red wine controls.
If you try hard you can leave,
before they seize your soul.
Shayla Jade Oct 2014
I left my home, when I left Mars.
I left my home among the stars.
I've traveled long, I've traveled far,
but I've never been to where you are.

The sunshine in your eyes is gone,
I see the dullness of the moon.
Faintly illuminated by the sun,
the two always in tune.

For I belong among the stars,
away from all the streets and cars.
Everyone has battle scars,
prisoners of their own wars.

You call to me, your name Hermes;
quick like silver, Mercury.
Surrounded by your energy,
indebted to all of your mercy.

I see it written in the sky,
everytime we say goodbye.
Two souls intertwined as one;
I'll see you when you see the sun.

For I belong among the sky.
My wings are clipped, I cannot fly.
It's hard for me to even try,
'cause I don't know the reason why.
Shayla Jade Oct 2014
I don't wanna leave your arms to write,
but these moments give me such insight.
Laid down beside the still moonlight,
these moments set my heart ignite.

Forever endeavor,
misery mistress to confide.
Clever minds severed,
as your feelings turn to hide.

I feel your heart beat through my chest.
Pressed to me, you take no rest.
But I would love you regardless;
you never leave me unimpressed.

Not out of mind, but out of sight;
everyone I see is you.
I hope you love me, facts despite,
already running back to you.

Forever endeavor,
misery mistress on the side.
Has eyes for whomever,
you sit along for the ride.

I never meant to be uptight,
I know I've not been too polite,
but you only come to me at night
and somethin' 'bout that don't feel right.


Love starts its day with you;
you spent the morning in my bed.
I don't know if your heart is true,
for I cannot read your head.
Shayla Jade Oct 2014
My words have just been ramblin',
I left the rhyming state of mind.
The ace of spades is gamblin',
but the rabbit's now on time.

Elevator going down,
catching buses to the sound.
How do I know that I am late?
Time exists in spite of fate.

We're racing, now, against the clock
in circles, 'round the spokes.
I've forgotten how the ticking tocks,
for the gears have been long broke.

Darlin', won't you take my hand?
They're try'na pull you under and
together we can leave this land,
but you must know just where you stand.


This shortcut leads to trouble,
but you'll get there on the double.
Bad ideas, I've had a couple;
my shattered thoughts within the rubble.

Broken fragments of my mind,
my fate's aligning just in time.
To the past, I'm disinclined;
looking down an uphill climb.


You're sending me a message
about the faithfulness of love;
the white rabbit left me breathless,
I still don't know what you speak of.

"I chose you, please choose me, too?"
I'm running, but I don't know what to.
I've fallen down the rabbit's hole,
into a world without console.
Shayla Jade Dec 2013
Today I face the world alone,
because it’s how I feel.
Racing down a dead end road;
the signs have been concealed.

You said you wanna be together
and you were talkin’ 'bout forever.
I guess that I should have known better,
forever’s changing with the weather.

You’re falling off the trees like leaves.
You think you know what true loves means,
but I fear you’re just lonely;
I’m not the one who can complete.

All I want is honesty,
don’t make yourself hard to believe.
If you can’t, don’t promise me.
Don’t say you will and then deceive.

Honestly, don’t tell me honestly
when you aren’t honest with me.
Promise me, that you you’ll always be;
don’t say you’ll maybe be.

Cause I’d rather be alone than used,
my purpose not for your amuse.
Ask me to give my heart to you,
I’ll hand it over somewhat bruised.
Shayla Jade Dec 2013
Love enters when you least expect;
that night surprised them both.
Their reunion had been so perfect,
that night they swore an oath.

Wrapped in his arms, the sunlight peaked
when morning came again.
Memories of the night had leaked
to everyone but them.

Oh misery, please stay with me,
there’s nothing to forget.
The skies are prettier at sea
when storms are on the threat.

He tripped her up, and she fell hard,
but catch her he did not.
For him she let down her guard,
but he had wished she fought.

Oh misery, please stay with me,
I do not wish to part.
Please, won’t you keep me company
beside my lonely heart?

Before she knew it, he was gone
to keep the village safe.
She never felt she could belong,
her life forever changed.

He said he’d love her ‘til the end,
she never questioned why.
Always his name she would defend;
she loved him ‘til she died.

He should have warned her when he left
he’d be forever gone.
He stole her heart, an act of theft,
she’d wait forever long.
Shayla Jade May 2013
The moon is on the rise.
All the stars have filled the skies.
But the wolf ignored your cries.
Messages get lost, sometimes.
On his evening meal he dines,
then he's gnawing on the rinds.
They say that good things come in nines
and even lows will have their highs.
For the eagle in the skies
questions not what fate decides
and though the fox wears a disguise,
you must not care to hear his lies.
Although you think, he never tries;
he's ******* eggs while he confides
and you've already heard his lines.
You know you're leaving just in time.
Deep in your eyes, my heart still lies,
forever changing with the tides.
For every story has two sides
but who is it who will decide?
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