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Ra Jul 2020
Hanya perkara waktu
mulut menyayat satu.


Mengubur manis.
Words are weapon. Use it wisely.
480 · Jul 2020
Salah Apa Cermin Padamu?
Ra Jul 2020
Salah apa cermin padamu
hingga kau membenci itu
Salah apa cermin padamu
padahal hati yang sedang biru
Salah apa cermin padamu
padahal ia hanya membisu
Used to be THAT insecure of my own self to the point where I just hate seeing my reflection on the mirror. For yall out there, please love yourself and treat'em with all the kindness that you can offer. Have a good life! :)
336 · Jul 2020
Ra Jul 2020
Dikatakan berdampingan
bagai langit dan laut.
Dibatasi garis,
mengiris miris.
Dipisahkan antara,
membawa lara.
diamnya langit dan laut
teralih dengan ramainya
ombak dan pasir?
Pada akhirnya mereka bedebur.
Akankah kita juga ikut melebur?
it is indeed ironic that some things are created to be put side by side but are not meant to be together as one.
89 · Oct 2020
State of the Art
Ra Oct 2020
If only I chose
what I supposed,
If only I forced
what I foremost,
Would I be most
in receiving love,
Or I continue to shove
to seek something more?

— The End —