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Aashi Jul 2017
the words
ambiguous and abstract
were coined
because of the things
humans failed to comprehend
just like
your love for me
because you needed
a warm soul to fill that
cold space of her absence with
  Apr 2017 Aashi
The teardrops run down
And fall off her nose.
She cries in hidden places,
Where nobody goes.

You can follow the tracks,
From her eyes to her chin.
Years upon years,
Of letting "it" win.

And her eyes tell a story
Of anger and pain.
You believe that she's happy,
But you should look again.

The scars of her past,
Hidden under her clothes,
Are a roadmap to places,
That nobody knows.

Her smile is now painted,
She's a master of disguise.
But you can see it all,
If you just look in her eyes.
Shorter poem, again thank you for reading.  I appreciate all the support from you guys, xoxo ~ Avery
Aashi Apr 2017
you are human and
i'm a cone

you think you are smarter because
i sit here all day, everyday
sometimes alone
sometimes with my pal
without anyone noticing
you walk past me like
i am nothing
like i don't matter

and even though you can't see it
there's a swirling storm inside of me
that wishes to be seen
but i don't let it get to me
and so shouldn't you
don't let yourself down because of others

you are human and
i am a cone

you think you are smarter
but here i am teaching you
a very important life lesson.
Aashi Apr 2017
your roots are embedded
deep in my skin and
your branches wrap around my waist
so tightly, it is almost
as if i'm in your embrace.
your flowers are in
my lungs,
making it hard for me to
breathe and your
fruits are growing in
my heart;
please don't do this
it hurts
because they remind me
of you and their seeds
will grow here too
making a forest
full of you
which will catch a fire
and burn me inside out.

— The End —