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Stfuitsjordan Mar 2018
My life is Spining and spinning out of  control,
If it doesn't stop soon I may give up hope.
I know I know... I put myself here,
But honestly I just want the love, he can't give me when I tear.
He's so tough, more then an army,
His walls so high,
I'm hoping one day they'll come tumbling down on me.
Stfuitsjordan Aug 2017
He calls me the love of his life,
And I feel the same. If both of us are telling the truth, why do I feel so much pain?
Stfuitsjordan May 2017
Lies are over whelming when they come from you.
I guess its since I've always relied on you to tell the truth.
now I'm stuck here, like what the **** do I do?

You act like it's okay to lie to my face.
then you hurt my pride,
and expect a clean slate?

sometimes I feel all the love I show is a mistake.
because everyone just wants to take take take...

I thought our love was all above, and elevated and ****,
You've been lying to me since our relationship was a kid.

Now we've grown together and
I learned I wasn't as smart as I shoulda been,
helping you in ways when I thought you needed it.

you didn't need it, you just wanted to take advantage,
Now I'm here stuck, this smiley face just slanted,
you're a savage,

The way you strike those words,
like a match outta the box,
you're ready to light fire works.
because you're a sligh little fox.
Sorry for the bad words for those offended. I know its hello "poetry" but I feel my poetry leans more towards a rap vibe sometimes, especially when I'm writing with true emotion.
Stfuitsjordan Feb 2017
What is it I'm here for?
I swear I stay in my feels
Yeah I **** up man
But come on what's the deal

I work really hard, &
I tell  uto keep it real.
But all these mother ******* out for positivity to steal.

I Keep my head high or something like that...
Hating *** ******* still tryna tilt it back.

I don't give a **** about about what everyone has to say..
I'm out here living and guess what my  rents still gonna get paid.

You fake ******* I'll slay...
Looking for a man to pay your way.

I don't need **** from any of you sheep *** *******.
I'm a wolf, lead the pack, quick attack.. you need stitches.

You can't  keep up with me
At least not mentally

All you haters do is talk **** all day but could you really step it G?
Ha. That I'd like to see.

I don't know if it's just me..
But for once everyone
Just leave me be.
Rapping is  poetry right? Lol
Stfuitsjordan Oct 2016
Am I being led by my spirt...
Or led by my wound?
My heart can't bare this darkness,
My thoughts are all gloom.
I thought if I rescued you,
You'd some how save me too.
Little did I know I'm just too high off your fumes.
I never thought of myself to always question..
Your every move & not trust your intention.
I try to find who's to blame...
Then I recall  everytime i hear my own name.
Stfuitsjordan Aug 2016
I am easily make believe,
Dress me up in what you want me to be,
Then rip the heart right off my sleeve.
Still I beg you not to leave.
i plan to write more.. just starting it off. :)
Stfuitsjordan Mar 2015
Its like a big brick wall that you
just can't climb.
You gaze up and see its height,
then you give up before you try.
Its like the ticking of a clock,
but not as easily defined.
Because you can track it as much as you want, but you can't change back time.
It's the feeling you get
right before you let go.
It's the butterflies you get
when you jump off love's thin tight
It's the thoughts you can't block out when you
look in the mirror.
It's almost like the brother, to anger and fear.
It's the feeling you get when you're not sure.
It's everything that falls under the catagory of
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