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Dat Boi May 2015
Shattered remains of a heart
Pieces sticking together,
I am a puzzle
And I can't be any different.

You may wipe my tears away
With a single finger
But you can't control me
Not on a single day.
Dat Boi May 2015
Feminism ˈfeməˌnizəm/
the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

People try to change a word into something else
Fantasy, made up, fiction, created....
You get angry when something you hold dear is "messed up"
"Diluted" or "polluted",
But why are you so eager to change the meaning of feminism?
You claim you are for equal rights, but not for feminism
Are you claiming you drink water but not H2O?

You want to make something different
Your own,
You want to make everything about you
You are selfish, are you not?
And your argument is weak, too.
You say "Feminists discriminate, that's why you shouldn't be one."
But do you know the actual definition?
You are that lazy,
To not search two words?
Technology helps you know the definition,
And a lick of time,
But you are too hateful, lazy, and selfish to care.

Join us. You're better here.
*Feminism means equality. Don't get it twisted.
This is my (I think) first feminism poem, but it's not really a poem, just something to help me get what I want out there.
Dat Boi May 2015
People will hate you
People will rate you
And compare you to others
They will try to smother your light
With their blankets of lies
And hatred

But you have to remember,
That it isn't up to them what you are,
Who you are,
What you can do.

And you have to remember,
That you are a red rose,
Beautiful and strong.
Whoever you are,

**Wherever you are
love yourself/and love others/don't spread *******
Dat Boi Mar 2015
We can always find the light in the dark
Daisies in a barren field,
The smiling face of a battered boy in the midst of war
The moon always rises in the night
Pulls us from a dark blanket
And hugs us tight
There's always happiness in sadness
To pull us away from the madness
Dat Boi Mar 2015
I'm sitting there with a frozen smile,
My eyes glazed over,
Inside them is a wistful soul
Drifting across barren plains
Wishing for a home that doesn't exist.
A small smile frozen in time
Dat Boi Mar 2015
My eyes burned as I stared at the searing sun,
It bore its painful rays.
It grinned, with blinding yellow teeth.
I slumped over,
Palms pressed to my thick brown eyes,
But that could not stop it.
The sun laughed,
It enjoyed my sorrow.
Some say, the sun is bright,
Therefore, it's personality is ever so light
But I know better,
Darkness would embrace me,
Pull me close
But it would only be a daily dose.
Some say sunlight is better than the moon,
But the moon does not burn my eyes.
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