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SoondasH Nov 2018
The blistering heat of my dark magic,

the sharpness of the cold winter air,

sends my body in a shivering frenzy,

one I hope

never ends
For those who don’t understand, its kinda about dark magic coffee
  Feb 2018 SoondasH
Tonight poets will find the words
to color their life and dip their pens
in wounds that aren’t even their own
and some will stare at the moon
seeing an empty plate, hungering
for something without a name
or a clock with no numbers knowing
time carries a dagger and a sword
for the hours that wound and nights
that cut throats, arrows that pierce
hearts fiercely until they lie still,
cold and bled out on a bed all alone.
  Feb 2018 SoondasH
The Master Quibbler
Lonely is my friend
                We'll always end up


Sit me

          Drowning in



                                Enjoying no ones

Writer Note:

The lovely in the lonely & the company of tea.

For those lovely tea lovers. Aha.

{Jasime/Sleepytime anyone?}
  Feb 2018 SoondasH
Ma Cherie
Many moons,
have passed over my headpiece,
as you leave me behind,
in moondust & ashes each night,

You collect on the bookshelves,
I keep here,
collecting on hearts with your light,
dusting my world with your beauty,
diminutives in bits of the white,

This is not the end of the journey,
 this a mere tiny part of the flight,
and I've not seen any more shiny,
or any star nearly as bright,

Though I am unable to see you now,
or touch your skin ever again,
or truly hear you with my ear,
I still miss you so my friend,

I know I cannot be near you now,
I cannot be where you are,
as you are but a twinkling light,
a brilliant & distant, star-

If it was not but for the moon dust,
my heart wouldn't,
be able to see you anymore either.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk inspired....and missing someone who has passed ❤ to you all! X - Ma Cherie!
SoondasH Feb 2018
Over saturated clouds
Spill out their mist of emotions through
Tiny glistening drops
SoondasH Feb 2018
Sickly sweet as drops of
Rich golden residue stays stuck
Between my rotting
SoondasH Feb 2018
To be trapped in the deep lucid blue,
Will erase all traces of you

— The End —