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Me without you is like,
            A sneaker without laces,
A geek without braces,
It was the way you carried yourself,
as if universes scratched at your shoulders
and the care you kept neatly inside
was killing you slowly.

I remember the words you spoke
as if they were poking, pressing
at your already bruised ribs;
as if they climbed up your throat
holding ice hooks and torches.

I buried them deep as they'd go
in the sweat-drenched sheets,
hoping you wouldn’t remember
or want  to search for them.

But one night I awoke
to an unfamiliar breeze,
those sheets untangled and draping
halfway out the open window.

I'm sorry I couldn't keep you safe.
Every human walks around with a certain kind of sadness.
They may not wear it on their sleeves.
But it's there if you look **deep.
 Feb 2015 slythersnake18
I'm exhausted from this rutine,
I need for my soul some medicine.
With a slow pace time passes.
Am I a sheep among the masses?

Every day at six I'm awake.
Portal quote; don't believe the cake.
So why don't I just walk away?
We both know I will, but not today.
Dedicado a Zousen support.
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