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slythersnake18 Jan 2015
But when I surfaced
You weren’t there and I never
Saw you smile again
slythersnake18 Jan 2015
They call me crazy
Not the soft sad sighs crazy
No, I’m the crack-snap-crash
Crazy, in your face crazy
But then again, aren’t we all?
slythersnake18 Jan 2015
Drowning in a deep black ocean
Entombed in a stone casket of my own making
Pain washes over me. Will it ever end or will I be
Ripped apart by the power of my own grief? It seems
Sorrow is my world now, the only thing I know. This
Silence is deafening
In this hole I have dug
Outside, they see me smile, but
Nobody hears me cry
  Jan 2015 slythersnake18
Only For You
the scariest thing about letting someone in
is that they could take one look inside of you and never come back

and i guess it took you a few
but you left
and i just want to know if you're going to come back
i just want you to love every piece of me
is that too much to ask
I relapse with a smile
and contemplate suicide
with a giggle;
because our society dictates
happiness, extroversion, ambition
should be carried even to
a grave dictated by
a connotation of infinity
sharpens the temporal splendor of this night

when souls which have forgot frivolity
in lowliness,noting the fatal flight
of worlds whereto this earth’s a hurled dream

down eager avenues of lifelessness

consider for how much themselves shall gleam,
in the poised radiance of perpetualness.
When what’s in velvet beyond doomed thought

is like a woman amorous to be known;
and man,whose here is alway worse than naught,
feels the tremendous yonder for his own—

on such a night the sea through her blind miles

of crumbling silence seriously smiles

E.E. Cummings
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