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i was just accepting rejection
i’ve been receiving the lesson
walking through pain to the

ultimate blessing
A little bird found a boat
A little knot held it docked

A little bird found out that
the boat was soon heading out

The sea is calm and the sun
looks so far from the shore

“Where are you headed?” asked the bird

“Straight towards the sun,” the boat replied
“You’re welcome to come along if you’d like.”

The little bird’s eyes lit up.
“Yes,” she said.
“I’ve been waiting to sail
toward that light for my entire life.”

Anchor’s up, they headed out that night.

The beginning was calm
The sea was peaceful
The moon was a kind and encouraging satellite
They left all of the world’s crossed wires behind

The sun was bright
and the fresh salt water
made them both feel alive.

A couple months went by
The boat noticed that every once in a while
the little bird would fly off for some time

I guess the little bird is just like myself,
the boat thought.
The little bird knew that the boat
was heading to the same destination,
however she wanted to fly there herself.

Determined to find…
Determined to find…

Someone, somewhere that could give her wings a break.

The boat looked up at its mast
and wondered why the bird flies so many miles
when the wind is willing to take us both in real time?

I wonder why the bird works so hard to let go
when there was never anything to hold

The boat started to worry that the bird
would leave home when she started to feel alone

I wonder where that poor little bird keeps going?

The boat kept sailing.
The sun kept shining
The wind kept blowing
The water kept flowing…

The little bird was off a few nautical miles on her own
Wings working tirelessly
The bird doesn’t like the salt, the heat,
and the fact that she doesn’t know where she is going

“I’m going to find that light,” the bird cried.
And she kept flying in circles
She could barely see the boat

Exhausted she mumbles,

“Where is that **** boat?
I need to go home.
I’m so tired.
I’m so hot.
I’m so lost.
For the last few months I’ve just wanted to be home.”

About to lose the energy to fly
About to lose the energy to see the light
About to lose all hope

The bird started back in the direction
of where she thought she’d last seen the boat

“I want to go home!”
“I need to go home!”

Anxious but brave she tuned into herself, her heart, her intuition…
Will it be enough to get her within reach of the boat…

I’m not sure
if we’ll ever know
the ending
to the story

The Bird & the Boat.

But we can have hope.

Or just please God
let me know
if I need
to give up hope.

Not on myself, just on us.

Once again, I let go.

Joseph S. Fusaro
it’s a clear light
an ♾ flow of love
i’ll never invalidate it
it is everything in my world
Blessings fall
Snowflakes reflect your rise
as they mirror resilience dynamically
under the January moonlight
Now is your time
Welcome to your life
Open up
Allow love &

Feel alive. Feel alive. Feel alive.
Dear Anger, Dear Hate,
Please, if you could...
Get the **** out of my way.
: )
Joseph S Fusaro Dec 2020
Caught in the weight
of the great snow fall

Is it cold?
Am I old?
Have I waited
too long to behold...

That this is purely the weight of the love
that I have been waiting my whole life for

Caught inside
the blizzard
of love

I acquiesce into
the ecstasy of it all

I am warm
I am comfort
We are one
One is all

And I think that for the first time in 20 years
I feel home.
Joseph S Fusaro Dec 2020
My Intentions
come straight
from the source

of love.
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