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  Jul 2016 Silver Knight
Dr Strange
I want to blame the cops for the crimes they committed against my kind
But at the same time...
I can't ignore the crimes my kind has committed against it's own kind
We go around popping caps in our brother's and sister's head
Just to get the dollar they got stuffed in their pockets
So can you really blame the cops for being afraid of us
If we do that to our own kin...
God only knows what we'll do to them if we get the chance
So truth be told if we want change
We have to change as a people
And stop blaming them for the things we caused
Black lives matter
But thing is...
We have to believe that ourselvesl
Silver Knight Mar 2015
It's a beautiful day
Not a cloud in sight
Birds singing
Trees swinging
Baby ain't crying
Everything is at ease
Finally resting in peace
Living life misery free

It's a beautiful day
Beautiful day indeed

I can count to three
And be in the place I want to be
Under the sun beneath a nice shady tree
Wind blowing upon thee
Her hair waving as she lays upon me

It's a beautiful day
Beautiful day indeed

Leaves changing a nice yellowish green
Bees buzzing in the flowers around me
The smell of sweet honey nectar in the air that surrounds me
Silence as dawn awakes in the skies above me

It's a beautiful day
Beautiful day indeed
Stop living your life like you're in some kind of a movie.  
Stop trying to cast your true love instead of just meeting them.
Love isn't always a lightning bolt, maybe sometimes it's just a choice.
Maybe true love is a decision.
A decision to take a chance with somebody.  
To give to somebody without worrying whether they'll give anything back or if they're going to hurt you or if they really are the one.
Maybe love isn't something that happens to you, maybe it's something you have to choose.

**True love is a process, not an event.
This is a paraphrased monologue by Britney Murpheys character "Jacks" in the movie Love and Other Disasters.  I'm trying to give credit where is due, it's not quoted because it's not all exactly as it was said but for the most part its lines from the movie. Hope you like it, I thought it was quite inspiring.
Silver Knight Feb 2015
Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Then again you can stay
The crops need showering these days

Besides you don't come visit anymore
Is it because people made songs wishing you away
Well forget about them
I wish you'd stay

I remember as a kid I would have so much fun playing with you
Splashing in your puddles driving my mom insane
Dancing and twirling as you fell upon me
With you on my side I didn't have a care in the world

Now you're slowly leaving
The deserts are getting bigger
Forcing farmers to migrate time after time again
Can't you see we need you

I need you if not anyone else
I use to enjoy sitting on my balcony as you turned soil to mud
It was new material for my mud pies tomorrow
Oh I remember those days

So rain...
If you can hear me now
I ask of nicely come out and play
Just like the old days
  Feb 2015 Silver Knight
Anne Sexton
In Memoriam

What's missing is the eyeballs
in each of us, but it doesn't matter
because you've got the bucks, the bucks, the bucks.
You let me touch them, ****** the green faces
lick at their numbers and it lets you be
my "Daddy!" "Daddy!" and though I fought all alone
with molesters and crooks, I knew your money
would save me, your courage, your "I've had
considerable experience as a soldier...
fighting to win millions for myself, it's true.
But I did win," and me praying for "our men out there"
just made it okay to be an orphan whose blood was no one's,
whose curls were hung up on a wire machine and electrified,
while you built and unbuilt intrigues called nations,
and did in the bad ones, always, always,
and always came at my perils, the black Christs of childhood,
always came when my heart stood naked in the street
and they threw apples at it or twelve-day-old-dead-fish.

"Daddy!" "Daddy," we all won that war,
when you sang me the money songs
Annie, Annie you sang
and I knew you drove a pure gold car
and put diamonds in you coke
for the crunchy sound, the adorable sound
and the moon too was in your portfolio,
as well as the ocean with its sleepy dead.
And I was always brave, wasn't I?
I never bled?
I never saw a man expose himself.
No. No.
I never saw a drunkard in his blubber.
I never let lightning go in one car and out the other.
And all the men out there were never to come.
Never, like a deluge, to swim over my *******
and lay their lamps in my insides.
No. No.
Just me and my "Daddy"
and his tempestuous bucks
rolling in them like corn flakes
and only the bad ones died.

But I died yesterday,
"Daddy," I died,
swallowing the ****-*** animal
and it won't get out
it keeps knocking at my eyes,
my big orphan eyes,
kicking! Until eyeballs pop out
and even my dog puts up his four feet
and lets go
of his military secret
with his big red tongue
flying up and down
like yours should have

as we board our velvet train.
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