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If I am quietly crying
and silently dying,
its okay naa that is my fate.
If someone hurting me unstoppable,
its okay naa that is my fate.
I am not tired of pain,
its okay naa,that is my fate.
I have covered my body
with wounds and bruises,
its okay naa that is my fate.
If something
is fading and disappearing,
its okay naa that is my fate.
You left me alone in the dark.
Its okay, that is my fate,
you push me away from your life,
its okay that is my fate.
The shattered of heart
and dent in the soul,
its okay naa that is my fate.
If days are going with loneliness,
its okay naa that is my fate.
If someone is not willing to walk
in my pain
its okay naa that is my fate.
If life is full of sorrow
its okay naa that is my fate.
If one day i will not no more
and everyone will happy
its okay naa that is world.
Breathing slowly
falling deeply
and somewhere out there
In the silent world
in this dark blue sky.
my eyes looking joy
somewhere we left behind.
In my moment of despair,
All I am thinking of is to go home
Wanting to end the suffering
Screaming from the inside
and wanting to broke the silent
from the outside
I am crushing in between these things
There were scattered
here and there in our heart
but there is too much solitude all around
my lips cannot utter a single word
Only my eyes speaking
Why... What... How..
Trying to seek any answers
Still none
The best option is moving forward
Bearing all weights in shoulder
Still Waiting for the scythe of death
So that I can go home
Night remain quiet,
no sound No move, 
No focus.No sight.
I've stepped out
and no one even knows
I wonder where I am* ...
Here is a long and lonely night
has come again in my life.,,
Again alone with these tears,,
again I am dreading the fact
that the night of pain will never be over,,,
my tears is trickling down in the dark,,,
drop by drop the tears move down
to the way of separation from the eyes
and the eyes has no grievance
why are you leaving them alone..
The affiance of mine is tears...
And I know that it would never break.,,
affiance of my solitude..
Something has broken me inside
due to some one
Today i am sulky in the deep of the heart.  Everything is constantly....
going away from me....
My scars again changing into wounds..
Today is another new darkest night
but my wounds was old..
Let the pain flows in the veins
let them allow what they want to say now...
I am just sit and smile here,,
listening to the beats
which is slowing in the remembrances,,
I had the affiance of my beloved
but she left me somewhere
in the corner of the dark,,,
who truly care and will hold you
close through even the darkest night,,
i think no one is here and
no body want to be here
to be bury in the dark,,
but I am constantly talking
to my moon in my pain
those who not is not infront of me..,  
with this hapless life
I don't want to be myself again,,,
i have closed my eyes
with my shattered dreams... MGO
I hate that feeling.
That feeling when you are sad.
But you have no idea why.
You feel very empty.
But nothing in particular happened.
They ask you whats wrong.
But you can't explain
Or they don't even ask anything.
I don't know which one is wrost.
It just feel like
I miss someone,
I never met,
Like I need someone who doesn't need me.
The loneliness hovers over me.
Takes control over me.
I don't even care.
Iisolate myself on purpose.
Sadness become My best and only friend*..
A sea full of tears is shining
under the moonlight
and the waves are smashing
with the seashore of memories......
many times the tears have tried to hug
the shores of memories
but they smashed all the time.
I was sinking constantly
in this sea very deeply.
Something is pulling me down
the tears is just like a grave soil wrapped around me very tightly.
It seems this sea is *******
my breath of hopes...
no body doesn't know
where  my life has been drowned
in this deep sea of tears.
The sea looks very calm from the above
but no one tried to jump in. .
to see the grave yard of many wounds. ..
now everything is getting calm and peace
with the Loosing of breath. ...
where it is disappearing i don't know. ..
but one thing that is sure  ...
a body will float on the surface of the sea
where I will not be in the consciousness
that I can see the moonlight
# sea  #tears  # waves # smashing
: Don't pelt on me ,
The stone of your ignorance ,
it hurts me and hurts me alot.
Me and my silence still gazing.
I am already broken into pieces.
Your enthusiasm suddenly change into hatred.
now from where I will bring
those dareness to face these kind of pebbles. I have tried to save myself
to Turn my face around but i couldn't bare to do it.
Did you ever felt it
how i am getting hurt...of your pelting .
..blood of tears countinuously
come out from the eyes.
I am tired to wipe it so many time but I am failed.
Your pelting makes so many invisible wounds that no one can see
till then you cant felt it like me.
your passing through besides me
I do stand every day with my seeking eyes when will you walk from here and look here
to make me comfort with your beautiful eyes, but it was only a expectation
which always turn into Ignorance. ... somewhere you have broken me ,
abandoned me..where ever you live my dear , whether it is close or far away from my me you are always in my eyes.
I am those who are facing your hatered.
O my today's stranger. .
.go away wherever you want to go.
Live wherever you want to live..
i have loved you and it is part of the fact of our together journey.
You have broken me into pieces
with your pelting.
.but I want No one ignore you.
. No one hurt you
due to pelting as you did
With me. ..
Go alone walk alone
our life's journey is alone.
. We are all on journey
but we don't know where we are,
who we are,where we want to go..
why we are on strange journey
why is this journey meaningless
and without destination.
think when you are young,
you are hoping that
this journey of life will be the right one.
The one you are going to be in love with forever,
but sometimes you want that so much,
you create something that isn't really there."
"When we look at a sunset
and it reminds us of our eyes,
that this life is very unpredictable journey..
we have no any alternative
without that walking away
so far till then life don't get hug
from the death. ...
The things doesn't go with our ways . Everybody comes and goes into our lives
for some reason or another
and we don't always know their purpose
until it is too late.
They all play some kind of role.
Some may stay for a lifetime;
others may only stay for a short while.
time is so precious and moments never seem to last long enough.
Sometimes I feel deep
into my soul and realizing
that the person l am today couldn't exist tomorrow...*.....MGO
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