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Feb 2015
: Don't pelt on me ,
The stone of your ignorance ,
it hurts me and hurts me alot.
Me and my silence still gazing.
I am already broken into pieces.
Your enthusiasm suddenly change into hatred.
now from where I will bring
those dareness to face these kind of pebbles. I have tried to save myself
to Turn my face around but i couldn't bare to do it.
Did you ever felt it
how i am getting hurt...of your pelting .
..blood of tears countinuously
come out from the eyes.
I am tired to wipe it so many time but I am failed.
Your pelting makes so many invisible wounds that no one can see
till then you cant felt it like me.
your passing through besides me
I do stand every day with my seeking eyes when will you walk from here and look here
to make me comfort with your beautiful eyes, but it was only a expectation
which always turn into Ignorance. ... somewhere you have broken me ,
abandoned me..where ever you live my dear , whether it is close or far away from my me you are always in my eyes.
I am those who are facing your hatered.
O my today's stranger. .
.go away wherever you want to go.
Live wherever you want to live..
i have loved you and it is part of the fact of our together journey.
You have broken me into pieces
with your pelting.
.but I want No one ignore you.
. No one hurt you
due to pelting as you did
With me. ..
Written by
shawan sharma azad  jammu and kashmir
(jammu and kashmir)   
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