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Here is a long and lonely night
has come again in my life.,,
Again alone with these tears,,
again I am dreading the fact
that the night of pain will never be over,,,
my tears is trickling down in the dark,,,
drop by drop the tears move down
to the way of separation from the eyes
and the eyes has no grievance
why are you leaving them alone..
The affiance of mine is tears...
And I know that it would never break.,,
affiance of my solitude..
Something has broken me inside
due to some one
Today i am sulky in the deep of the heart.  Everything is constantly....
going away from me....
My scars again changing into wounds..
Today is another new darkest night
but my wounds was old..
Let the pain flows in the veins
let them allow what they want to say now...
I am just sit and smile here,,
listening to the beats
which is slowing in the remembrances,,
I had the affiance of my beloved
but she left me somewhere
in the corner of the dark,,,
who truly care and will hold you
close through even the darkest night,,
i think no one is here and
no body want to be here
to be bury in the dark,,
but I am constantly talking
to my moon in my pain
those who not is not infront of me..,  
with this hapless life
I don't want to be myself again,,,
i have closed my eyes
with my shattered dreams... MGO

— The End —