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  Jan 2019 Shanath
guy scutellaro
the x wife calls
tells me the children miss me.
her voice
a mirror of broken glass
fragments falling into
the touch of sadness
in your fingers
the soft laughter
of your eyes like a candle
in the night

twilight comes to play
whispering in my night
quick as life
I hear the sadness
quick as life
I can hear the regret

I 've wounded you

I can only be
what I was
meant to be

I am the candle without the wick

excuse me, I've got to go.
  Oct 2018 Shanath
Jude kyrie
Tonight I am breaking the promise
that I made to myself, once again.
The one I made
to my heart and soul.
That I would not write love
poetry to you ever again.

To lock the doors to my heart
So those thoughts of you
Could not get back inside.
And haunt me in my dreams.

I am throwing away
the keys to my heart.
Into the deepest ocean.
Never to be found again.

To exercise the ghost you left
haunting the ruins of my soul.
Walking about inside it
As if it was still your home.
even though
I was ever enough
to keep you here.

I promised I would let you go.
To continue surviving and breathing
Even with the dagger
You left in my heart.

I promised myself
I did not need thoughts
of you to write
my poetry any more.

But here I am again.
Writing to you more love poems.
Because you are still at the base
of every one of my thoughts.

And without you
There is no more
poetry left in me.
So because....because of that.
This is better....
........This is better
.......................This is better.
Than nothing at all.
ahh sad hearts
after a lost love
  Oct 2018 Shanath
You love me for who I am
or I am a **** good liar.
  Oct 2018 Shanath
D 3
Sometimes love is rough. Rough like sandpaper rubbing away the last remnants of her smiles.
Sometimes love is long. Sometimes you have to wait for love because sometimes love gets lost. Lost in between the islands your hearts call home.
You might see love. Love might have curly brown hair that she tucks behind her ears. Love might be shy Love might hate the way her glasses are too big for her face but you tell her she looks gorgeous in them. That makes love smile. Love hates her smile.
Sometimes love is late. She most likely won’t come when you want her to but she’ll come when you need her.
Sometimes love is messy. Sometimes love is indecisive. Sometimes she says she doesn’t care even when she does. Sometimes love apologizes a lot. I know you get so and but sometimes love is scared. Scared because she doesn’t want you to leave her. Scared because every other person she’s ever let in has left her. And love is tired of feeling like a burden because sometimes love feel like a burden.
Sometimes love is a lot of things at once. Sometimes I just want to be seen.
  Sep 2018 Shanath
Pagan Paul
Take my hand and let us go so lightly,
walking 'pon the lake of lovers dreams,
gentle ripples interlace our smiles brightly,
lighting the stars within romantic streams.
Making love as we sink beneath cool water,
drowning lustful in passions liquid embrace.
The dream shimmers, as the images falter
and the still lake reflects your delicate face.

© Pagan Paul (2018)
Re-written old poem.
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