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  Dec 2015 Shan Coralde
Where do I begin? -
- Is a sentence even enough?

Excitement, odd excitement;
- my initial response.

The sort of excitement a parent has,
over hearing their young utter their first, full word.

That thrilling excitement, which overwhelms you;
as you sit and engaged in your first adult conversation,
with your parents.

Where do I even begin?
- the concealed excitement,
at your first date.

The introverted excitement you have -
as you tap your feet, while squandering a conversation,
with your first love.

But, where do I begin, I contemplated.

The excitement, a foolish one at that,
that makes you sing out your favourite love song;
while aware of the fact you are an awful singer.

The excitement, that nervous, yet squirm in excitement -
as you lean in for your first kiss.

What was your question?
I asked of her to reiterate.

Wandering, contemplating.
How she could sound so pleasant and ****,
while she maunders?

Excitement? I ask, rhetorically.
As I wonder how she sounds so beautiful,
without making any sense.

That kind of excitement.

But, she enquired for a single sentence.

I had more than one.

So, to single one out, I breathed slowly, paused;
- Can I get an endless day, where I am excited to be in your presence?
  Nov 2015 Shan Coralde
Kaiden Cilento
Some people strive for the highest grades
Or the newest car
Or the nicest house
Some people have a hunger to be the best 
To get the highest grades
To go to the best schools
To be better
But what about those 
who strive to not be hungry
Statistically 1 in every 5 kids go to bed hungry
And guess what
They wake up hungry
Not knowing when the hell they'll get food
And here we are hungry for the new iPhone 7
We open the stocked cabinets
In our kitchens
And respond with theres nothing to eat
Tell that to the 15.3 million children 
under 18 in the United States 
Who live in households 
where they are unable to access enough nutritious food
necessary for a health
We strive to be the best
We hunger the newest things this Christmas
But what about those who every day 
Strive to not be hungry

  Nov 2015 Shan Coralde
I wanna stop wondering what if '
I wanna start knowing what is'

-second chance
Shan Coralde Nov 2015
My last breath
Has the scent of your hair
As I close my eyes
I catch a glimpse of your face

While my body grows cold
I gradually feel your warmth
I don't mind going to hell
Because here, I felt heaven
Lol, I love you M.J.G.M.
  Nov 2015 Shan Coralde
" But then again, life itself is a paradox. All in betweens and slow dances between yes & no.

Maybe what I would like is certainty and promise.
I want a sunday morning, 2:49pm phone calls,
unwashed dinner plates in the sink, two towels needing a tumble-dry.
Two tooth-brushes. Grocery bills worth two & a half stomachs.

To know the taste of someone's laugh.
Something that started as butterfly kisses
that burned into
                   a slow bloom of an inferno.

But Monday will come and life continues."
I can finally write & continue mini novellas.
So, the above^ is the very start of a new short story I wrote today.
Eeeek. I cannot wait to write without the pressure of school work. I have missed this very much.
Typed to: Youth- Troye Sivan
Night night lovely.
Shan Coralde Nov 2015
I yearn for you.
Your voice
Your smile
Your touch

Thing is,
We're both busy
with all our stuff
We never noticed

the space we're adding between us
Whyyyyyyyyyyy doeeessss ittttt huuurrrrtttt ****.
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