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  May 2018 sltd
I searched for myself,
Inside a bottle,
What came out,
Was something I couldn't face.

I drink to lose myself,
To find a way out from this pain,
But the pain keeps coming back,
And my souls not the same.

So pour me a double,
And watch me sink,
Because life isn't fun,
So hand me a drink.
sltd May 2018
is it fair, that you're okay with everything while I'm not?
is it fair, that I'm the one whose here for you, but you're thinking about her?
is it fair, that I'm always to be blamed, while you're playing the victim?
really, is it fair?
sltd May 2018
deep within me,
i know that somethings bothering me.
this unsual feeling that i feel,
becomes so unbearable.
sltd Mar 2018
I love him, i love him not, still ends with i love him
  Dec 2016 sltd
Mysidian Bard
When our young days are far behind
No mountains left to climb

Will you look back across the hills
And see me standing still

When our eyes meet, it's understood
I would follow if I could

But I'm tied down by memories
That I could never leave

You'll fade from sight, eclipsed by light
Of a path you follow true

But I'll stay here for the both of us
To remember me and you
Move on or hold on
To the lives that we once knew
But I'm staying here
sltd Feb 2016
Here I am again
Thinking of what will happen
Friendship that were now broken
Cannot be fixed

Here I am again
Remembering the happy moments
Tears that were shed by each other
Cannot be repeated

Now that were apart;
Struggling with the moment;
Eyes were filled with sadness;
Where are you my bestfriend?
Where are you, now that i need you?

Your now hard to reach :(
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