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  Apr 2015 sexsea
Kennedy Taylor
He’s always been afraid.
She was always petrified.
They both always craved control,
They were similar in that way,
We all are.

You know,
Something I‘ve been meaning to tell you is that
The devil isn’t red and he doesn't have horns.
He’s got brown eyes and a charming smile.
He won’t lead you to do evil things,
And he won’t make your life hell.
He will make you do that yourself.
His role?
He’s there to comfort you,
Bring you in,
Hold you close,
He will tell you that he can save you,
Only him.
“Without him, you’re nothing.”
You’re worthless, he’s made you believe it.
“You’re lucky to have him.”
He’s a parasite.
He will say anything to make you stay.
He’s afraid.

And another thing,
She isn’t all scars and sad poems.
There are stars hidden in her lungs
That she whispers into sweet poetry
Hoping that one line, just one, will be enough.
She won’t write you into stanzas,
She won’t be your muse.
You’ve been poetry this whole time.
Her role?
She’s there to make art,
To feel every emotion
Deeper than the bottles she drinks to make them go away.
She will write,
She will turn him into midnight poems
And cries to be set free
From all of this.
“Darling, the moon doesn't shine for you.”
She understands this and he won't accept it.
“You’re the only poem I know how to write.”
She’s a poet.
She will do anything to make him stay.
She’s petrified.

He tore her down and bruised her soul,
And she turned him into art.

The world might not remember how she felt,
But they will read her poems and know,
The devil isn’t red and he doesn't have horns.
He’s got brown eyes and a charming smile.
She isn’t all scars and sad poems.
There were stars hidden in her lungs
That she whispered into sweet poetry.

He was afraid,
And she was petrified,
We all are.
Why do we stay with the ones who hurt us and tear us down? Is it just our role to play?
sexsea Mar 2015
crashing. falling.
dangerously fatal
my feelings come in the form of tides within a hurricane
drowning you and drowning myself
I'm sorry i suffocated you
whirlwind. disastrous.
dangerously fatal
my thoughts tear through my head in the form of a tornado
spinning me dizzy and destroying you
I'm sorry I left you trapped
quaking. collapsing.
dangerously fatal
my world trembles in the form of an
violently leaving me crashing down to the ground
I'm sorry I held on to you
sexsea Mar 2015
lost deep in only the 1am thoughts that echo entirely filling every dream and fantasy I long to feel within these dark hours of the night. my mind a crowded hall with no escape, for every turn is a dangerous bump into unfamiliar evil faces. a downtroddened smile to only remind me of deep desires that shall never perish nor be obtained but only be fulfilled to reach a level of contentness. for in these 1am thoughts not all is evil but the side of life that never haunts also never demands to be felt as I am only content. but maybe one day these 1am thoughts will demand to feel the dainty sense of happiness that I will soon learn does not bloom from only you.
sexsea Mar 2015
society has destroyed
the true meaning of
a false happiness in a crestfallen world
pain and sorrow a beauty
gold chains and dollar bills
a key to satisfaction
I wonder if they know
true happiness is
found when your eyes are locked
on mine
and the sense of safety
within your devilish grin
with your fingers tracing
your initials
on my back.
sexsea Mar 2015
I don't need something as temporary as "boyfriend" I just want us to be together. I want the thoughts to disperse and leave us alone together in the most simple way possible. I don't dream of my name written all over your body but if someone were to chase you, you would let them down easy because you're caught up in me. I should have never let myself indulge in the pathetic idea of "us" wanting it so badly the physical pain is breathtaking and unbearable. I want you and the treacherous pain you bring. I want you so much it hurts to confess how infatuated with you I have become. the thought of you is embedded in my heart. who you are, flaws and all have become my needs and wants. but I will remain falsely yours until you feel the same heart-wrenching things I feel for you.
sexsea Mar 2015
absent-mindely hating you
yet I yearn to be yours.
deep desires to hold your darkest secrets. I long for this fatal attraction to be put to rest and buried six feet under. but instead I feel myself digging my own grave every time I look into the Galaxy found within the enigmatic blue of your benevolent eyes. society has robbed us of the meaning of happiness. but when I'm enveloped in your arms I forget to breathe and feel myself getting closer to heaven. I'd love to hate you. and I would to stop daydreaming of a silly fantasy of us and who we could be together. but I'm slowly dying questioning if it's love. "find what you love and let it **** you" I'm letting you **** me but this can't be love
sexsea Mar 2015
I can't shake you
you haven't even given me reasond to attach
my heart
to yours
but still I
chase you
you can't feel anything but
I feel enough for the both of us
I'm on a road
less traveled with no
correct way to go but
I'm hoping it will lead
to you
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