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  Jul 30 izzn
i never intended
to take apart
all the pieces
you glued back
izzn Jul 28
It's you.
It's me.
It's us.
izzn Jul 26
i know you're out there
maybe painting poems
using hues thru journeys
on your life canvas

while you're strolling through
the decadency of 'ups and downs'
a chess piece once called blue
hope you'll be back around

i'm writing this memoir
in hope you can hear these lines
in hope you know,
i hope you are foreverly alright
there was a great poet here
but i dont see her around
  Jul 26 izzn
If I hold my breath long enough
Wait until my lungs constrict
Grab onto the nearest thing,

Will I become a tree?

If I stop trying to move with the wind
Give up on letting burnt skin
Touch lips with the sun,

Will I stop being me?

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I’ve seen clouds forming
Over wet concrete
And blue skies on a cloudy day

Yet, I still don’t know
What you’re smile looks like
Since I disappeared

I have held my heart in my arms
Stopped breathing.
Stopped moving.
And let the earth spin with me.
  Jul 26 izzn
i could write about the sun
or the sea
or the terrier that lives on 5th,
i could write about my dad's baseball cap
or his blue jacket that stubbornly refuses to tear,
i could write about life and love
and all those other things that poets seem to know about,
i could write about the condition of my soul
and the slight concave in my chest that steals away the air,
i could write about my favorite song,
the winding drive back from the beach,
the softness of a clean bed,
i could write about all these things
but yet,
               i only seem to write of you.
  Jul 26 izzn
Last Arpeggios
Your look from afar

A safe desire

Behind a veil of wanting

you don’t see, you imagine

me, not as me

but as a part of yourself

I have to leave

before you come closer

Break the spell

and I’ll turn real
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