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Nadai Feb 27
I fell in love with crazy at first sight,
Saw him walking ahead of me and I ran to meet him
Held onto him like I had nothing to lose
Let go of the people who loved me the most
In the hopes he would be my soft padding
When I fall

He was not,
But I loved him anyway.
Nadai Feb 26
Was I suppose to pretend
That I was doing okay
I didn't know the rules

I was never going to leave this place
Should have never smiled like I did
If I had known sooner

I wouldn't have tried so hard to fit in
Nadai Feb 23
The river is here
The nations are around it
Around it we live

The river is here
Under my skin as I go
Take me down to the ocean

The river is here
Where the nations are growing
People, look over here

The river is here
Put your ears toward the ground
Feel the earth pulsing

The river is here
It is telling us in truth
Listen as it speaks
Nadai Feb 22
I once implanted strangeness into my gown,
and when I slept I dreamt of strange worlds
I ingrained it into my skin to only be my strange self.
The others would avoid me because I was Strange from first to last look,
Little did they know,
that they were all strange, too.
Nadai Feb 20
This is the place we grew
Stuck our hand in wet pavement
making our imprint on the world

This is the place we left behind
A fine memory of dust
and kicking rocks

This is the place we no longer love
filled with the old and the replaceable
counted our stacks and moved on.
Nadai Feb 20
Dear love,
I don't need you to fix me,
I don't need you to stick around until a better version of me shows up,
I am who I am even on my worst days
So don't fill me with your empty flatteries,
I can take all your rough words
Even if you're words come like a sword,
As long as it's honest I'll take it,
As long as you stay I'll keep you.
Nadai Feb 18
Sit still my friend
The world turns for you and me.
We yelled whatever,
And threw ourselves over concrete hills,
Smiled through toothless lips and swallowed blood,
I know what you know,
And we know nothing.
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