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2d · 78
Dear Mr Kilmer,
izzn 2d
I think what it means to be a poet is to express feelings not just my own, but the feelings of everyone. When a poet writes a poem and publish it for everyone to see, he or she is doing it on behalf of everyone. A poet has the audacity to show the world the true meaning of bravery. Clearing the gist of tyranny. Fought with the soldiers in the same warzone but different timeline.

I think to be a poet is to be in someone else's shoe, to be the voice of reasons for those whom voices could not be heard. Those with thousand swords in their lungs who fight a neverending battle through their whole life. Those who died and those who survived. A poet could engrave golden marks on every scars and turn them into a work of art. A poet also records all shrieks and screams and muffled cries of poor unfortunate souls and enshrine them in lines by lines of intricacies. When the society finally get it, maybe then they would actually do something. And maybe then this world would be a better place for you and me.

I think to be a poet is also to perpetuate the joy in laughters of shiny glittery pink and white moments in life. Those times where hearts become one and jokes become light and minds become free. The giggles of newborn seeing their mother's silly faces, the smiles of little kids getting presents during holidays's sunrise, the tears shed by a bride while walking down the aisle seeing her true love, with her old man walking by her side entering a new phase of life. The jumps made by students as they get their first degree for all their hard work and sweats and stay up late at night.

I think to be a poet is to be empathetic, and to see this world in a whole different perspective.
During my literature class on famous poet Mr Kilmer, my teacher ask us the question of what does it means to be a poet. Here are my answers.
5d · 184
"Stay, stay"
izzn 5d
that's what she says
under her breath
as he's walking away
7d · 37
izzn 7d
I was in love with you,
I was blind
The wrongs you made,
I said they were right
I didn't know the words,
I just write
I didn't care about their meaning,
as long as they rhyme.
Put love in letters,
always on your side
Never good enough,
no matter how I tried
And I was way too afraid
to confront all your lies
Went out of my mind
when you went out of my sight
I could never be fine
'Cause I thought
you were the love of my life


Today I woke up
and opened my eyes
I looked up the ceiling
searching for signs
for places my soul could go
through these dark time
All my questions,
I found the answers why
I finally realize
Now that I see red
at the traffic lights
No matter how much I tried
No matter how comforting were the lies,
Words without the right context,
they won't just align.
Been working on this one lately...
However I'm still not that satisfied yet, so if you guys have any thoughts an idea, feel free to share with me :)
Sep 8 · 54
izzn Sep 8
I used to love you,
but not anymore.

Now I hate you
more than ever,
more than before.

How could you
take the life
that matter most to me,
away from me?

Shady goodbye, lie to me,
Pick out a fight, make me bleed.

Lock your feelings,
and put the keys
in tall places
I could never reach.

Forget me,
for a suffocating breathe.

Aspirin and a bridge
they were never a relief.
I thought you were
smarter than this.

Leave me to wear a halo,
to a place I could never follow.

Stay with me,
that was a promise.
But what is a promise,
if you can't keep it..?

Say you have nobody,
and now I lost a family.

Happy twenty-three,
hope you get your peace.
Sorry for this sudden weep,
I just miss you, sis.
I have a friend who deals with loss of her sister due to suicide, and last week was her sister's supposedly 23'rd birthday. I saw her gloomy and it was so devastating... she was so affected by it, and thus that's what inspired me to write this poem as I could feel how painful she is to live without her big sis. Sorry my english is bad lol
Sep 2 · 69
Last Glance
izzn Sep 2
Same bed, same ward,
Same praying for a life
to survive the night
Same scenery, same heart
Same me try to hold back a cry
Same clothes, same smile
Same me saying I am fine
Same jokes, same eyes
Same hoping this isn't the last time...'ll get better soon
Sep 1 · 32
izzn Sep 1
I won't be sinking this time
I'll stay afloat
I can't give up just yet
I can't lose hope

I have a lot I need to catch up
I must open my eyes
Who cares if this ****,
I'll still stay the night

It's a thousand cuts
but I trust it'll be alright,
Even though it hurts,
I would be just fine
I'll try again tomorrow
Aug 31 · 28
izzn Aug 31
I want to die so bad
I even tried
But failed to do that
Because my cat
would be sad
Aug 23 · 36
My Fault.
izzn Aug 23
Maybe I was wrong,
and maybe they were right

Maybe if I stayed when you say
that you need to be alone,
you would still be alive

Maybe if I answered the phone
in that middle of the night,
you would have someone to talk to
and don't think of goodbyes

Maybe if I turn back around
and try to turn thay frown upside down,
You'd stop being an uptight,
and I could've changed your mind

Maybe if I told you all the wonders I found
when I look into your eyes
and that there's some pair of eyes yearn for your light
and that it was mine

Maybe you won't scribble all those words in your diary and tell me those little white lies when I asked you are you fine

Maybe if I do so, this grief won't arrive
and haunt me my whole life.
I am so sorry
izzn Aug 16
We both know
we're not
in love anymore,
'cause I'm in my bed,
while you,
you're on the floor,
and we're both
waiting for
who's going to be
the first one
to walk
out of the door.
Tired of being in love, I just wanna be in bed.
Aug 16 · 60
izzn Aug 16
Why do love lasts so fast
like hurdles of water
in the untamed river
of my parents' house?
Aug 15 · 239
School's Break
izzn Aug 15
Madam Elly arrived early
Parked her car nearby the abbey
Then walked to the school's alley
She had to stop for a moment
'cause she's now in her fifties,
and she need to breathe
so she took a breath, one so deep;

The air was a crispy breeze,
and she thanked God for it.
Then, she headed to her office.
As she passed the pantry,
she saw Ali
under the kitchen sink.

She approached him,
asked him how he's doing
and why he's down on his knees.
Then, she noticed
the droplets of tears in his fist,
ones from a weeping.

She asked him
the cause of him
to despair like this.
With trembling lips,
he said that morning,
his parents drove him.

He paused and weep,
shrieked in agony,
and continue the story.

He said they were in a hurry
as they got places to be.
He said in car, they were laughing
'cause his dad is funny.
He said in laughs, they were hugging
'cause his mom is loving.

He said it was one minute before thirty,
when a lorry came crashing in,
and murdered his only family,
with full of cruelty,

And he stopped the story
to cry heavily.

In cries, there was crimson red on their seats,
and he screamed loudly, frantically, helplessly, hoping
that someone would be helping.

But it was too early,
and there was nobody,
not a thing.

And he drained his energy
panicking on the whole tragic scene.

After the tragedy,
he walked wearily to the school's alley
'cause he don't know where else to be.

He cried and said he's sorry
and Madam Elly could do nothing,
but hugged him lovingly.

She then dialled the police
to tell them about the tragedy.

After that, she said to Ali
to not be worry, to not be sorry,
as his arrival was still early.

So, she brought him to his classroom seat
and she smiled at him
and said "you're a strong boy Ali".

And then, she continued her duty
teaching him his favourite subject, Mathematics,
like how teachers did,
even though she only teach
even though that day was
on a school break
and Ali's heart
no longer have a beat.

But Madam Elly,
being the teacher that she is,
continued doing her duty
teaching kids,
no matter who it is,
alive or no longer breathe.
What do you think about this story?
This is based on a true event experienced by someone I know. Haunting and chilling.
Feel free to add a piece of your minds below!
Aug 10 · 54
The Ring
izzn Aug 10
Stacked-up bodies
and some circlings
The ambience
was applauding,
in that mid cold evening

We could've been gone,
plunged into the ring
but you kept me holding on,
with your sly crooked grin

And they had their gloves,
while you had your fists
First shot first shoves
As swift as the breeze

Stains all over your chest
Red all over your lips
Shielded me
with your very best,
I say let's get away with this

Looking for directions
for both of us to flee
A case of correlation
for us to be free

Then I grasped
onto your hands,
who were afraid of nothing
As if it was our very last stand,
we hit the ground running.
Aug 10 · 47
Stormy Weather
izzn Aug 10
Will this misery end,
like a four-leaf clover?

Will I get
my replenishment,
for all the times
I've been a loner?

Will there be green grass,
when I'm finally
become sober?

Will this storm pass,
or will it
remain forever?
There's no storm in this world that won't last.
Mine will, yours will,
even when the odds
are against our own will.
So, chin up,
and have faith,
'cause this storm,
it lasts,
it will pass.
(ps: my state had been struck with really bad and disastrous storm lately due to Typhoon Lekima, keep us in your prayers, thx)
Jul 30 · 175
Flame of Memories
izzn Jul 30
It had been so long,
back to where we were from;
We'd listen to a song,
telling us to keep holding on
And you might not remember
about the heat of the fire
But don't worry,
my dear;
When you're finally here,
we'll put the pieces
right back together.
Jul 30 · 64
izzn Jul 30
Punch me up with that one-liner
As far as I know, you're a goner

Hold on with the praises, I'm no better
'Cause day by day, I'm too a goner
Flirting is fun when it is light-hearted and just meant for casualty.
Jul 28 · 740
izzn Jul 28
All places I've been in
but this two a.m. train

I say I'm no saint
I'm also stained
by sin
by grief
and by pain

And this haunting,
it need to be slain

'Cause I don't want to faint
and lose myself again
"I bet you thought your life has changed, but you're sat on the train again"
Jul 28 · 237
Caffeinated Tears
izzn Jul 28
In the heat of this summer
that feels like a December,
My coffee tastes sweeter
through these salty briny tears.
Jul 24 · 57
Dear Faith,
izzn Jul 24
I'd never wish the worst of you.
I could never do,
or even think of that,
not after all the broken memories
that I thought to have shared
with you;

...but I'm tired of lying,
Lying to everyone,
Lying to you,
And lying to myself
You need to understand that
I can't lie to myself anymore

You swore not to tell a soul,
Yet you told them my secrets,
You acted innocent,
while playing the victim;
and when they didn't fall for your senile wiles,
you coat your rumors
with 'truths' of me
abandoning my moral and dignity

You said you're not like the rest,
Said that you're my friend,
even worse,
my real friend,
my only good friend,
...and I accepted you
as a best friend,
and put all my friendships
to an end...

It's excruciating
Realizing you want benefits,
not of my doubts,
but of my friends,
****** them like a robbery,
while I foolishly
thought of the world for you;
....and so it was all me to blame,
it was me to shame...

but now,
I'm done with your tyranny
And like the song be,
I stole the key
and that was the last time
you ever saw me

I hope you find your place
But we could never go back
to where we used to before
And I still want to see you eat
though it ain't with me anymore

I had to leave you.
For you,
and for the good of me
And I need to go to where I should be,
Home of the allies
and not the tent of an enemy
I can't be the one to keep saying sorry
just to resolve the scenery
and you never apologize
but I forgave you already
even 'till this evening
You're you and I'm me

I can hear you whispering
that I'd regret this
as it is written
all over your expression
It is not my intention
to make you mad
but again,
why should I be sad
of losing a friend
that I never had?
There's a reason why certain people has no friend and I learned that I am not obliged to stay and rot with someone who stab me in the back and poison my mind from day to day... Moral of the story, fake friends are better than toxic friends and that says a lot.
Jul 23 · 36
izzn Jul 23
I got an eye on a boy
He had his on mine

and we knew something
we both should of try

but I left running
'cause I was way too shy

and now I'm wondering
how to move on with my life
we look into each other eyes while the crowd's getting wild and i can tell there's a lot of questions why and the world somehow just stops but i can't help to be so uptight
Jul 6 · 77
Ghost Town
izzn Jul 6
What a place
What a waste

Stagnant phases
full of worn out faces
that can't be more lifeless
that can't stop being helpless
in hold of the malicous

Again and again
all in vain

As if it was a fate
to be the pieces in board game
living in the same day
living in the same way
repeat and replay

All for a name
What a shame
Jun 30 · 149
izzn Jun 30
magic up his sleeves
just like Houdini,
or at least
that's what I believe
Jun 30 · 47
How To Stop Being Sad
izzn Jun 22
In all black,
Your footsteps
caused a monotone melody
that creep into my ears
and created an echo,

You whispered don't let go;

Took a step back,
I sensed a crucial hint,
a telling of my own instinct,
a getaway
from this inter-mingling;

In all black,
I took a step back.
Jun 16 · 113
i can't calm down
izzn Jun 16
They sing for the pride
Naysayers' eyes all wide
For it was the wrongs of the rights
and for it, I cry for the night
while losing my love at midnight
that come back at sunrise
Jun 16 · 38
izzn Jun 16
I'm not lying,

it's just one of those things

that my body does:

they sting

they ring

they turn to dust.

nothing unordinary,

it's just me,

my body

and my anxiety.
Jun 10 · 257
izzn Jun 10
high and low,
where to go
every time I go
I go left
every time they go
they go right
. . . .
high and low,
how do I know
every time I try to run
I got outrun
by everyone
but every time they run
they have fun
. . . .
high and low,
when did it start to grow
this pit of pitch black
right behind my back
is this an act?
what do I lack?
. . . .
high and low
please tell me no
time ain't running slow
and I'm a slow-mo
but, let's do it again
high and low,
. . . .
Jun 9 · 345
Iced Coffee
izzn Jun 9
Here, have this iced coffee
I buy it just for you
Take a shot of this caffeine
to wipe out all them blues

Here, have this iced coffee
Sorry, it has squared-up cubes
Tell me how it tastes like again,
Does it taste good?

Here, have this iced coffee
One that's just as cool as you
Do you love it?
because I love you
:) it's just me being cheesy lol sorry have a nice day :)
Jun 9 · 138
Marshall Lee
izzn Jun 9
His eyes of twilight
will haunt your midnight
His devilish smile
will keep your angels tied

Even his red plaid shirt
is  full of dirt and darkness
He'll bite your neck
'cause he's that vicious

No point to resist
Says that, says this,
As ridiculous as it is,
You'll say yes, my sis

No mourn no grieve
'cause Nightosphere is where he lives
He is full of mystery
He is Marshall Lee
This one vampire king
will drink your heart's red in one sitting
then serenade you with his guitar strings
Enough to bring the Fiona out of your Fin.
Jun 8 · 278
Wild Butterflies
izzn Jun 8
He's where my heart flutters
like the butterflies in my ma's garden
free, wild and full of wonders.
and I promise that nobody's gonna love you like me
May 27 · 131
izzn May 27
Mother, mother,
When you speak,
it cuts deep
so I write poetry
in a sheet
and cry in my sleep

Mother, mother,
I don't want to
compete with you
or try to make you blue
I just want you to see
all the things you could be
if you could just believe
believe in me

Mother, mother,
I'd die for you
but I know
you want me to
so don't worry
'cause I'll do it soon
with all the bruises
and wounds

Mother, mother,
I raise my voice
so you could
hear me out
not so you can
hit my face
shout out loud
and bang my head
at the checkout

Mother, mother,
I can't give you the world
but am I a bad girl
for not giving you
my savings
that's emptied
for the cause of family
that couldn't
care less about me?

Mother, mother,
I don't understand
You can't just simply
hate all my friends
just because
they can comprehend
and help me
get through this pain
when I meet a dead end

Mother, mother,
I need empathy
not a mockery,
but I'll slam the door
and weep on the floor
and wake up
worse than before

Mother, mother,
You don't need
to hate me
'cause I hate myself
more than anyone
could ever will
and I already
broke my dreams
can you not see?
family is such an f word
May 18 · 97
Richard's First Kill
izzn May 18
It was at the creek,
where the buck crept in,
So mesmerizing,
scene of jaw-dropping,

Chill hits the bones,
when truth struck him,
Richard had to be the one,
who pull the trigger in;

No tricks up his sleeves,
he missed the clean ****,
He knew what's coming,
the **** cussed him,

'I just couldn't do it,'
Pa's look was disappointing,
Richard will never be the one,
who pull the trigger in...
This was from my literature class
May 18 · 335
izzn May 18
Call them father
Call them mother
When it stung,
You see a stranger

Call them brother
Call them sister
Need help?
You'll get something worser

Call them baby
Call them family
Lean in for a hug
Get left in the dump

Tried to run
But never can
No one understands
It's your own bloodline
May 11 · 1.2k
bad liar
izzn May 11
Loving you
was a tragedy
and I couldn't be
more empty

This scar in my heart
is deep
and to stay
is a promise
I can't keep
sometimes you love someone because you have to, not because you want to and  if that is not what they call hellbound, I don't know what else is
May 11 · 96
izzn May 11
the greatest achievement
comes from

and sometimes,
a human
and for mine,
thank you
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