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In hushed tones, a secret it kept,
Love whispered a promise, while I gently slept.
A warmth in my slumber, a dream come alive,
Of futures entwined, where destinies thrive.

The voice, soft and sweet, like a lullaby's call,
Woke feelings unspoken, that conquered them all.
A blush on my waking, a smile on my face,
Love's whisper is a treasure, a permanent trace.

The world seems enchanted, bathed in a new light,
Love's echo still lingers, a future so bright.
With my heart open wide, I wait for the day,
When love's whispered promise, forever will stay
Yes, love has whispered unto me
You were ordinary,
Flawed, & imperfect.
I loved you,
Made a god out of you,
That was my sin,
And this grief
Is my penance.
 Apr 4 izzn
 Apr 4 izzn
You dangle yourself in front of me
With a smile that’s almost devilish
I sin at the thought of you.

Why does this ignite a flame within me?
 Apr 4 izzn
the seeker and the sought after
gold will never tarnish

the desert is vast
from oasis to oasis

gold is too heavy a burden
are you sure you really seek it

to have travelled light
almost a constant mantra

naked you came into being
and you will leave, with nothing.
 Apr 4 izzn
Nishu Mathur
She seems strong - so she speaks,
She seems alive with life complete.
She shrugs a shoulder, couldn't care,
Love is war, a life's  dare,
She has loved and seen it go,
Love wilt in the midst of snow...
But say goodbye, gently, if you will,
Her heart is warm, fragile still.

She has laughed and she has smiled,
Dreamed enchantment on an isle.
She has risen,  heights soared,
She has seen closed doors.
She has fallen, again, to stand,
Dreamed a dream in never land...
But tread softly, on her, if you will,
Her dreams are young, fragile still.

She has seen loss and pain,
Prayers lost,  hopes slain.
Her heart in hands, she has wept,
Tired and weary, troubled, slept.
Transience is eternal, well she knows,
But her heart stronger never grows...
Break her  gently, if you will.
Her heart is tender and fragile still.
 Apr 2 izzn
 Apr 2 izzn
You took away parts of me that I will never get back
And I'm working ******* being okay with that.
 Apr 2 izzn
Luna Pan
When the war is over, when the art saved the world; you and me, we will make love on Shakespeare's sonnets.
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