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Chezka  Sep 2018
Chezka Sep 2018
To the person I love,
I'm writing this with all my heart,
You made me happy,
You made me cry,
I'm sorry, I tried.
I'm sorry, I lied.  

I love you, I really do.
I'm sorry I have to leave you
even if I dont want to,
I wish I could stay,
but I know soon, you will be okay.

pls let me be the one that got away.

By then, I will leave this world,
Selfish and UNCURED.
Sunflower  May 2020
Sunflower May 2020
I gave up on you a long time ago,
I gave up on the idea of us,
but here you are sending me hellos,
aren't you living with the person whom you chose?
or you're having regrets with your choice?
or maybe you're just bored?
Let me move on....
I've already let you go.....
M  Jul 2017
M Jul 2017
I saw you
listening to an old tale folk,
Sincerely falling backward through time,
I though  I was the one you wanted back.

You saw me,
Like a future fairy tail of yours.
Mentioning how humorous I was
Asking for a second time for us.

Then last night,
I cried like it was the first time
I fell onto the ground.
Savoring the pain I grasped.

It was she
You saw your futuristic heartbeat
Who captured your second time us
And Sincerely wanting her back.

I saw us,
But it is just a past.

My one that got away.
My one last farewell to you, Berns Felizco. someday somehow, our paths will cross again, and trust me, you will realize I'm the one that got away
Sandy Macacua  Mar 2018
Sandy Macacua Mar 2018
Few years ago, i was left devasted hearing what he had to say. Cried a river. Never thought i'd lose him forever. It was the worse. Because i thought we'd end up together. I saw my future in him. No one showed protest. They even thought we were actually together.

Fast forward to the present, I found a new happiness elsewhere. I moved on. I am doing really well. But there are days my mind lingers back to him. It just feels like there is something left unsaid. Unfinished business between the two of us, or a closure maybe?

I have this belief that maybe if i see him again and talk, the unsettled feeling will fade. But I was wrong. I saw you recently and we talked. The feeling is still here. The uneasiness is still here. My mind still lingers back to you even after that day.

And i realized that the unresolved problem has nothing to do with what we say or do. That no matter what I do to get rid of that feeling or say everything I want to say, the feeling stays. Because deep down, I will always have a piece of your heart. And it will never fade. Once you let people be part of your life, they become a part of you too.
TOTGA- The One That Got Away

— The End —