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Rachel Cruz Feb 2014
i wrapped the strings around my wrist-
threads of red, orange, yellow.
i never wanted to forget this,
and now i can't seem to let go.

i won't hold back this feeling-
i am human, after all-
but i'll try to keep from fleeing,
cowering behind my walls.

so, this is all i'll write-
just a few lines more.
maybe in time you'll see
i'm quite worth fighting for.
Rachel Cruz Feb 2014
i feel
that i
can see
your mind

a place
you go
to see
just why

your lips
they burn
with love
and hate

and, oh
our fate
in time

can you
see mine?
Rachel Cruz Oct 2013
Peeling paint and tattered sails,
A vessel for no ones and ne'er-do-wells,
My deck is littered with broken dreams,
My hull, of holes like window screens.

The holes are greedy for the sea.
The waves are pouring over me
Try as I may I'm sinking fast-
a forgotten ship from the past.

My anchor's cut,
My crew is dead,
I should have listened
When she said,

Instead of going on my own,
Preferring to be left alone,
Perhaps this is not meant for me.
Destroyed by blind naivety.

I should have docked
At the port,
At low tide
To rest in comfort.

But instead I will be thinking
Of the one who left me sinking
Without anchor, without shore,
Without things for ever more.

As I sink,
I can't but think,
Just man can save me
From the sea.
Rachel Cruz Jan 2011
this isn't a poem
it's not beautiful
it's not special
just reality

but the honest truth is
i'm just trying to
pretend for one little second
that i'm enough for you

i imagine your laugh
and a slow, sensuous smile
spreading across your lips
as you read these words

but this isn't a poem
filled to the brim
with words of love
just reality

how do you create
those tender words
that caress me
where so few can?

i imagine your eyes
under heavy lashes
lowering as you think
of those precious moments

this isn't a poem
just reality
18 Jan 2011
Rachel Cruz Jan 2011
you are not an orange
oranges are smaller
you are not a graprefruit
grapefruits are more sour
what are you
that sits in my hand
taunting me to discover
that is neither one nor the other
must i guess? must i ponder?
your outside is misleading
your inside is sweet
joy! i know what you are
you are just like me
17 Jan 2009
Rachel Cruz Dec 2010
do broken hearts still beat?
the pain in my chest
says yes
thumping, thumping
driving me insane

you wanted me to be number two
when i wanted to be number one
no, no, no!
you can't take back love when
you never really gave it anyway

your sorry is worthless to me
it can't fix this pain
so stand there and tell me
that i have to be number two
because she's number one

well i won't, i won't!!
you're human,
you make mistakes
but i won't be around
when it's your heart that breaks
Rachel Cruz Dec 2010
when i was a young girl
living in a little white farm house
with a blue tin roof
i would wander through the streams
it was the dead of summer
hot, sticky, humid air all around
and i was barefoot
wading through the water
when i came up to a snake
and he looked at me
with those beady eyes
his black scales gleaming in the hot sun
we stared each other down
for hours and hours we were neck and neck
the sun went down, the sun came up
and neither of us moved
then summer turned to fall
and my feet got cold
so i stood up and i thanked the snake
and walked away

again when i was a young girl
living in that little white house
with the blue tin roof
i had a dog
my dog and i went everywhere
sometimes he carried me
sometimes i carried him
but one day he took me to the top
of a big, big, big mountain
we were so high it was hard to breathe
i looked up above and i saw stars
then i looked around, and i saw nothing
my dog had left, and i was alone
so i laid down and i stared at those stars
they spoke to me though i heard nothing
they told me all the secrets of the world
of the stars, of the ******* sky
but soon i grew tired
so i stood up and i thanked those stars
and walked away
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