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Eudora Oct 2015
I know...
I am not one of the pages of your book
or the words in your poem
I will tirelessly watch over you from every nook.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not the potrait you are painting
or the inspiration behind your masterpieces
in my heart , it is your name I am engraving.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not the reason for your smiles
or the tickles of your laughter
for you, I would walk a thousand miles.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not your shining star
or the light in your life
till forever is through, I'll admire you from afar.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not the one your heart beats for
or the one you desire
my hearts says as long as it brings you happiness,
it wants nothing more.

I know I am your never
**but you will forever be my always...
"Every feeling unreturned has its own rainbow."
Let your heart lead the way...
Asmita Sarkar Jan 2014
If tomorrow didnt begin with that perky sun again,

If tomorrow like me,

Stayed in bed and didnt open its eyes.

Would I not be tomorrow then?

I could be tomorrow,

as tomorrow could be me.

Perkiness would go out the window

Frivolity would go down the drain

All that would remain

Is the sulky little child sitting on the window sill.

Staring at the darkness outside,


For he has the sun in his Fist.
Color me rainbow and brighten up my day, take a little sunshine to chase away the grey.sign me a letter and post it at my door, seal your words in lovers kisses making ever sure.smoother my heart with an embracing smile, your mouth tantalise with words that will beguile.Paint me a potrait your body as a guide, etching every detail my heart to yours will bindLovers secret illusions seen only from within, breathless anticipations for the seductive grinhold my hand in yours, touch me at your will, shivers ripple through me so sensual the thrill let us catch our eyes and draw deeply into the view, my heart to yours i meld, alone and ever truebubbles circle and enclose us, together we are alone, screened and protected our life is ours to ownEtch your words upon my heart, entwined in your embrace our love shall not departstill our lives together keep them fresh and young, let it be forever as we have just beguntake this day into tomorrow, letting our love chase away all that does sorrowPaint us a potrait our life together as a guide, etching every detail our heart together will bindBy Deeanne **
Dont steal it...written for and about my daughter and her experience with first love
Luke Twyne Apr 2016
So I woke up just past midnight and you were there looking straight at me. Well you were sleeping bit you were in clear view of me and me you and for a minutes or seconds I stared. Even when you're fast asleep your pretty, it makes it so hard every time i sleep over. I can't find anything in your personality to convince myself not to like you, you tell me things about yourself that hit me hard and cause feelings that I am drowning to surface. Tonight you're in my dreams, one of which I woke up from with a start because it felt to much like what I wanted, I was with you yet without we were a thing and we were not. But what woke me up from it is for a moment in my dream I had you in my arms and at that moment we were about to put lips together and it was the precipice of something amazing. It scared me abit, cause I wanted it, not sure if I needed it, and when it was about to happen I was about to lose myself within it. You know I like you, but the more time we spend together the more i feel like I'm standing alone on a hill top and slowly but surely I'm sliding towards a valley that has you in it. I think I might be slowly falling in love. I am sorry if I show this to you, it will complicate alot, I am sorry that I am nit made of stone, I think it would of made things easier. I don't think I can sleep next to you again as a friend I don't think I can close my eyes and open them later still separated by the few inches between us that are starting to feel like a chasm. I think I might be insecure also, I feel like right now I am not the guy I might need to be for you, I'm not satisfied with where I am standing right now. I've got demons I need to face and a part of me wants to be saved from myself. I don't want us to change what we have right now but i feel like the way we are doing things right now will bring about change even if we don't want it. In truth i think desire leads my thoughts more than the rest, its my baser instincts that speak loudly causing me to paint this midnight portrait even in my dreams. I am afraid of you, I have a tendency if falling for the right girl at the wrong time and once I fall I fall hard, if I  am falling for you at one point we won't be able to stay as friends
Part of my letters collection
Pea  Oct 2014
Pea Oct 2014
in my dream you were
running like a rat
wearing your fingertoes like
hydrangeas and heartache
in your head
where all the nice things passed out
we built barbed fences around our heart
to keep it still
like a ghastly statue
i had no clue
in my dream you were
planting apple seeds
in a corn field
i gave you a knife
became a mermaid
the last child
and a sea
in my dream you were
shining like a sun
brainlike exploding
having planets around
like flower crown
in my dream
you were
warm mug i'd left at home
three a.m. and homework not done
a highschool girl
long forgotten
in a potrait on your identity card
aviisevil Aug 2015
dead men don't sing to the world
no one can hear them against the winds
Their is the land of ash and dust
nobody is awake at the gates to take them in

dead people don't knock on no doors
they don't have our walls to keep them from being freed
it is not true what they say in old lores
they have no souls so that their heart could bleed

silence is not peace, I know you have never wondered
'tis but a disease, old and rotten not breathing anymore

there are places where when one shall go will always wander
even the deceased, who once had ones worth living for

upon the night darkness weaves an hideous potrait
showing a face and keeping stars from fading away
all who are lost can be more than just be in a cage
you wouldn't know how many dead men you've seen today,

take a look in the mirror.
Notes (optional)
Styles  Dec 2014
Styles Dec 2014
In my dreams, we're together forever,
on a beach with hot weather.
Rising tides sliding in. ending; never.
Sun shining, over the horizon,
Sea birds slide in, on the blades of the wind. The sun rays beating, down on your tan skin. Sweat collecting, like honey dew, all over you. looking sweeter than my favorite food, on a honey moon.
I'm falling in love with you, not seriously, just the way poets do, with a beautiful concept. I approach the subject,  with admiration and respect.
You are poetry in motion, I'm just getting  set. To paint a potrait,  of a perfect shiloutte, that you won't forget.  Mirror images,  sharing a secret.
Passang Sherpa Jul 2018
Alone in the room, with a brush in my hand
Colors, on the palette, an easel, on the stand.
I keep splashing the paint, a figure does appear,
A figure of a lady, standing by the, hallway stair.

Late in her forties, but to me, she looks no old
Very well attired, fully decked up in gold.
Frilled skirt with stockings, up to her knees,
And with a collared T-shirt, that’s pinkish.
Glaring with a bright radiance, looking very fair,
She looks so magnificent, sitting by the hallway stair.

The portrait completed, I hang it up the wall,
She reminds me of someone, as I do recall,
Of this girl I, once did know, from yesteryear
Oh! The fair lady! Sitting by the hallway stair.

Copyright © PS
nosipho  Apr 2010
nosipho Apr 2010
i remember, O yes its clear in my mind,
my eyes were darkened by scales.
On that day...I could not even see the sun's rays.
i tried to take out my sword to cut through, my tears falling
moulding my hands as a cup to catch them
they fell into my veins...became my blood.

I remember yes,i remember very well.
Its as a potrait fresh from an artist's hand,
vividly flashing in my mind as if to trace a memory trail,
i remember the walls, they were four yes...
No...they were round, they sorrounded me.

they were sharp. they poked me.
i felt them cold.penetrating to my skin but I...
I did not want to be part of them you see!.
I...I SHREECHED and i SCRatched till there was no more of me.

and so i just breath with me still.
Then she came, beautiful with her robe swiflty sweeping the floor.
She radiated in light, i heard my scales falling loudly on the ground
as if disturbed by the pleasure of my sight.
She stayed with me throughout the night,
The were
small, shiny, beautiful diamonds in the sky that were looking at me,
i saw them because they were also smiling at me. O yes...(smiling)
i said "Hi", they never could respond.It was well.

I remember, early, frost kissing the grass. Walls
opened as gates, i heard horns singing my praise.
This was all new you see, i was whole.
she took my hand,then my mouth opened as that
of the whale that welcomed Jonah to its belly.
I opened, i spoke, it was melody.
"Excuse me, whats your name?."
"Hope" she said, Hope i repeated.
" are hope", then  i cried.

Yes, i remember it well.
Pea May 2014
"One thing I want you
to know, darling;
you shall accept your

She understood
the flower's words
how to do it.

She still doesn't dare
to scream, to scream,
to scream even when her house is empty
and the neighbors are busy with
loud parties.

She is still afraid to cry;
her parents might be aware
of traces of tears on her cheeks
and ask her
"What happened?"
What happened? What really happens?
She doesn't even know
the answer. Never.

The flower knew
its words couldn't do
any change of good of her
yet it chose
such kind words.
Accept it.
Accept it, yes, she could.
She can. She understands.
Like climbing an apple tree
is really easy
for a fish
to think.

"Sorry about that,"
so she says, pointing at
her own weak, fake, forced days of life.

On Tuesday's newspaper;
a potrait of smile and
it's faded.

The flower was afraid
of changing. It was an apple blossom,
now a fruit
you eat one a day to keep
the doctors away.

— The End —