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Arisa  Mar 2
Arisa Mar 2
An insect.
That crawls upon my body, except I can't quickly swat it away
Without causing attention to myself
and everyone noticing that my
white ******* are pulled
all the way down
to my ankles.

My lips are dry so I bite them.
Knuckles whitening while I hold onto the grip-strap
And I hear his heavy breathing against my neck.
I look at the tunnels, quickly passing by.
'Maybe this will end fast too?'

Naive of me to think so.

Sliding into my flower
Like a toxic, little aphid.
Stuck on my sticky leaves
As petals are parted and

I pour out of the open doors in Shinjuku station,
And run out, wiping a tear on my sleeve.
I tug up my decency
While I run to the ticket booth.
Angry foreigner was yelling at the old man who sits within.
The clock above strikes eight.
I decide that it's not worth it.
I won't tell anyone.
It doesn't matter.
Could be worse.
It's okay.
I'm okay.

I wasn't okay.
I recall a time where I was molested by a pervert in the trains of Tokyo when I was in middle school.
duane hall Apr 12
I once  met me a woman, she put me in my place
She said I was a chauvinist, an absolute disgrace
I'm one hundred percent male, I readily  admit
But just because it's true you shouldn't throw a fit
She reached into her purse, pulled out a can of mace
She put her finger on the trigger and shoved it in my face
My reflexes got the best of her, her aim was high and wide
She scared the hell right out of me to that I will confide
I love the female intellect to that I won't deny
I love the female form in every shape and size
If that makes me a pervert I'll wear the badge with pride
We'll leave it to the jury, it's their case to decide
You see  them all around you, there's wackos everywhere
The madness on the street is way beyond compare
The inmates run the asylum, I'm really not amused
Must be the golden age of the utterly confused.
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