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Leonard Green Oct 2017
Beastly is this monster state yet many damsels cannot avoid
Some may call it disturbingly conflicting and become annoyed
Where rationality coexists with irrationality in an unstable realm
Pretty monster states navigate this journey as captains at the helm

Pretty monster states, Pretty monster states
No need to disguise your fury or depressions
Pretty monster states, Pretty monster states
This is just part of your amazing expressions

Wonder is this monster state since the inception of Adam and Eve
Men can only hope to be compassionate, steadfast and never peeved
One moment, pretty monster states can be loving and best friends
Next moment, challenging one’s good nature and spirit to extreme ends

Pretty monster states, Pretty monster states
No need to disguise your fury or depressions
Pretty monster states, Pretty monster states
This is just part of your amazing expressions

Frightful is this monster state like a suspenseful thriller or mystery
Only those who are not faint of heart can sleuth this case history
Where a profound will of character serves to stabilize one’s constitution
Bringing the monster state to an uneventful but amenable restitution

Pretty monster states, Pretty monster states
No need to disguise your fury or depressions
Pretty monster states, Pretty monster states
This is just part of your amazing expressions.
Michael Smit Nov 2018
I hear the voice of depression
Maybe you should **** yourself
I know it's not one of my confessions
Don't listen I advise myself

I know what I've done wrong
It plays continuous in a song
I am a prisoner inside my head
I believe the lies I've fed
Every terrible thing said
I've made my bed
Now it's time to lie in it

I am played by my mind
All the bad memories rewind
The thoughts I tried not to find
Are now in my bind
I am left behind
In my own cyclical hell
I've tried so hard but I fell
This is the story I'm to tell

Imagine being a little boy
Still obsessed with his toy
But then discovering a blade
And the feelings that doesn't fade
Singing a song that's been made
He finds delight in the cuts of his razor blade

Before he knows it he's addicted
And suddenly conflicted
This isn't what he predicted
The pain self-inflicted
The cuts are getting deep
And the climb is getting steep

Emotion is taking over
And I am barely sober
I remember October
When I thought it was over

I was bleeding and internally crying
Probably half way from dying
All I remember was the lying
Saying I wasn't dying
But then I really started trying
And I thought peace I was finally finding
Only to be left here reminding
Depression is still in my sighting

The illness never left
I can charge it with life theft
But my battle still goes on
While I try to sing my song
Stand tall be strong
They don't need to hear the wrong
The fight has been long
But I am strong.
Michael Marchese Jun 2016
I write still to show
The flaws I've corrected
Before I must go
Here's some I've perfected

I’m breakable bones
My weakness is real
You can crush them with stones
But my spirit is steel

I've howled depressions
With lone wolf confide
I've roared at oppressions
With lion king pride

I rose unforgiving
From indifferent graves
To haunt those unliving
As apathy's slaves

I council with silence
Keep quiet rapport
With deafening violence
Of thoughts waging war

I’m pop country's menace
Funk you profanity
Spit-venom vengeance
And breakdowns of sanity

I’ve sung innuendos
Love's chorus revised
By symphonic crescendos
Two beats harmonized

I’ll never stop trying
To save this blue sphere
Our mother is crying
Apocalypse tears

I move hyperactive
My sprinting brain sped
Beyond the distractive
Outrunning my dread

I’m tempests emerging
Typhoons kept at bay
And now my storm surging
Will blow you away

I’ve fearlessly gazed
Upon Grim's complexion
The hell that was raised
Was just my reflection

I channel my hate
As my anger stream grows
Into rivers irate
Then tranquility flows

I form nations in clouds
Above law and border
No star-spangled shrouds
In my higher world order

I’m heat-seeker lines
Poetic napalms
Metaphor landmines
And ticking rhyme bombs

I've warped my perceptions
And force-choking grips  
And Death Star conceptions
From jedi mind trips

And I’ll leave you assured
My crusade will not yield
Until peace is ensured
And these wounds have all healed
Incurred as the ward
Of my muses concealed
Now commanding a horde
Of the furies revealed
I have severed accord
With the fates I have sealed
  I've matured and endured
On this life battlefield
With this pen as my sword
And this pain as my shield
For I am the lord
Of the words that I wield
Aztec Cathrine Dec 2018
Depressions back for a visit.
It caught a Hold of Me and my fragile heart.
Once again-
Staring at the ceiling.
Wondering if my wounds are even healing.
Oh no, caught a Hold of Me.
Trying to fight it so my friends don't see.
Don't wanna lie.
But when they walk by-
there always asking if I'm OK.
I say I'm fine even though I want to die.
It Caught a Hold of Me.
Calling for help.
no one sees...
Except for you.
My one true friend-
Need help with depression? Reach out to your friends and family. Don't try to hide it or fight it on your own. Your not alone.
Madison  May 23
Madison May 23
Don't be sad, depressed or lonely.
"Follow me!" they say,
Belivieve us we will show
you the way!
The cures just an arms reach away!

Well joys just a little sniff away, you can even puff if you'd like!
"Look at you, all grown up!"
Depressions easy!
Meet the lips of a bottle to your own, till you forget you're down!
"I think you're getting it!"
And if you're lonely,
Just find another body to lay with.
"See! You can take care of yourself just fine!"

Oh honey they never tell you,
The sniff becomes necessary,
The drinking nightly,
It's only lust,
Never love.
but it's just a little to late,
You drank their Kool-Aid.
does anybody get the kool-aid reference?
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