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Idris Muntaqim  May 2020
Idris Muntaqim May 2020
Peter Parker has found out what the supervillain named Deadpool is gonna do;
Deadpool is gonna **** and ****** the coronavirus patients, which is true.

Parker changes into Spider-Man, which is great;
Deadpool is one of the villains that the web-head really hates.

The web-head swings through the air, searching for his foe;
Deadpool is a ******, in case you didn't know.

When Spider-Man finds Deadpool and the villain sees him, he tries to shoot the web-head;
Deadpool tells Spidey that he's gonna have **** *** with him when Spidey is dead.

Spider-Man spins a web on Deadpool's gun and snatches it away from the evil ******;
Deadpool is also a maggot.

Spider-Man also spins a web on Deadpool's mask, blinding the fool;
The web-head immediately knocks out the villain, which is cool.

Spider-Man webs up the knocked out Deadpool, as you can see;
Deadpool is also known as the "Merc with a Mouth" and always will be.

Spider-Man calls the police, which is smart;
The web-head had taken Deadpool apart.

The coronavirus patients thank Spidey for stopping Deadpool, which is polite;
The web-head is glad that he had beaten Deadpool in a fight.

When the police arrive to arrest Deadpool, the web-head swings away;
Deadpool is going to prison and that's all I have to say.
"Never jump into the **** of Elk horn sideways,
              it'll make you ***** and chiropractors can't fix that!"

You know cause your back will have to contort to fit inside an ****?
Like a Marvel of the Phoenix
All ends with begin-nings
What keeps the Force spinning (uh)
X-Force is beginning...

We have let go...and feel-ing Mex-i-co
Let's raise the Bell, serving tacos, escape
this Hell?

"She's up and hungry for fun,
I'm up all night to eat some
She's up all night so let's run
We're up all night to eat tacos...

We're up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
I'm up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
I'm up all night to eat tacos...

"We eat ta-cos 'til there's sun
Stayed up all night to eat one
Got hungry, -and made 'Ah' run
We're up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
I'm up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
I'm up all night to eat tacos...

Taco Bell, it sets no hours...
...and it's raining, -taco showers?
What is this I'm feeling?
Seeing tacos on my ceiling?

We've come too far to give up who we are

"We eat ta-cos 'til there's sun
Stayed up all night to eat one
Got hungry, -and made 'Ah' run
We're up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
I'm up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
I'm up all night to eat tacos...

...Taco Bell allow guns inside?

"We eat ta-cos 'til there's sun
Stayed up all night to eat one
Got hungry, -and made 'Ah' run
We're up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
I'm up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
I'm up all night to eat tacos...

"We're up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
I'm up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos...
We're up all night to eat tacos....

...Taco Bell allow guns inside?
Deadpool Taco Bell Daft Punk dream state. Lyrics altered from Daft Punk, "Get Lucky." Ever notice how your brain puts this kinda stuff together when you dream?
Nick Moser  May 2014
Nick Moser May 2014
You say life is but a dream.
Well then when will I wake up?
I'm tired of living in this lie.
This fantasy.

You've diluted these waters I swam in.
You've poisoned my sweet serenity.
How could you ever look me in the eyes and tell me the truth?
You have drowned me in my own existence.

I'm struggling to wake from this nightmare.
I can barely tell right from wrong all while I'm trying to right the wrong you've perpetrated against me.
I'm struggling to resurface.
You constantly hold my head under while I drown away.

And now I've become the deadpool.

So come and take a swim.
Sometimes, I just wanna put on a mask and scare you.
Classy J  Feb 2016
Classy J Feb 2016
Calabunga as go off shooting bad guys or good guys as long as I get my money. Eating chimichanga's in my Honda that I "borrowed" for awhile. Anti-hero that breaks the fourth wall, because that's my style. Shoot shoot, bang bang, kapow is this kungpow chicken. Oh you thought I was talking about fighting, haha, that's funny. Where are the hunny's, with all this money, you think they'd be on me. Slip zip I can be freaky with whips, go on trips, have insanity fits. Business is business, marvel universe, I killed them all; just saying. If you didn't know the name, it is deadpool, original rip off, yeah I don't care about haters because they are going to hate. Death stroke can't even get a date, with that ugly eyepatch, he couldn't beat me on his best day.
Hank Pym Oct 2016
When the voices start talking
I start listening

They tell me,
"Your mom never loved you"
"Dad thinks your a joke"
"Everyone at school hates you"
"At lunch, you sit with a girl who can't even hear you"
"You are an outsider"

I'm like the Deadpool to their Madcap
I am in control
I won't lie, I have been hearing voices since September telling me things like this.  Am I a psychotic?  Probably not, but hey!  Who doesn't like a nutjob?

The part about the girl at lunch is an Easter egg to a girl that I know who is hard of hearing.
Life is so much betternow
I've accepted it neverwill be good,
Goodnow I don't expect to everfeel
Good Enough
to understand the stuff of Good Enough
enough to bluff Good Enough
good enough
for Good Enough
to be good enough
to make itself known
like Lady Godiva packin' heat.
Life & I are evenstephens,
now I'm resigned even in dreams' reruns
to my gaze stumbling@Godiva'stootsies
puddlepruned, even tho' she's goodenough
to point her piece between my eyes.

Take the blame for the rain, go to your room
& sit & listen to its percussion
of fresh accusations, 30billion fingers drumming
60% water & 40% condemnation.
In my room , I reflect on all  I've done
that now Everything grieves everything via a proxy sky,
Everything weeps for Everything forever
& then over everything else over a day.
My fault the Sun's eyeliner of fire did run.
My fault the Earth threw the Moon out of its pram.
My fault Noah's bath did overrun
& an innocent Almightygod was let go by Pimlico.

Life & I are not oddstods anymore,
our loggerheads are logged under the heading
'@timbernecks', now I begrudge the Good News
Jesus died for me slightly less. Indeed, he has my permission  
to perish for me a lot more
than a month of Good Fridays, make his fraudulent ultimate sacrifice
999x like Deadpool's cat.
It was my vague sin
that was the straw as cumbersome as a camel's corpse,
giving his shoulder the gyp that would do for Christ@Calvary.
Despondent in a sanguine fashion
about being the real Christkiller, but that's the way I roll
with the punches of scapegoated Jews.
Delon Bayley Aug 2017
I'll tell you the tale
Of a guy whose cool
He so doesn't fail
His name is Deadpool
The number is not zero
For this crazy man
Doesn't call himself a hero
But always has a plan
Was in Special Forces
Really had the moves
Didn't win races
But never does lose
Not nice like Prancer
Dosen't go south
Soon got the cancer
And known as the merc with a mouth
Has a heart that's not pure
But this was no test
To look for a cure
His skills are the best
Soon found a way
To end the disease
But his face I'll say
Is something he can't please
Body being a wreck
His past is on the go
And you'll say what the heck
When you see his alter ego
What is next
Won't make you dead
Him wearing spandex
All in black and red
This is now his path
Its quite alright
Dudes will suffer his path
If they put up a fight
So Deadpool is lit
A dude who is rad
He dosen"t **** one bit
But has an attitude that's bad
Mustafa Mars Apr 2013
I'm looking down watching what you do
As if i'm Uatu the Watcher
Or maybe I'm controlling you
Like the evil Puppet Master
See you have no control in life
This is my world and I'm just allowin you to live in it
It's like I'm eating up planets with Galactus
And creating chaos with Apocalypse
I'm in control of my actions
Choosing to do wrong
Only to wait until my redemption by the hands of the worthy
You're inside my head like Charles Xavier
Trying to find out my secrets
Only to discover that I keep my mental barriers on lock
With no key or code to unlock
Said passageway into my subconsious
Because I can block you without a helmet
Unlike Juggernaut or Magneto
I'm free to swing around with the good wall crawler known as
Scarlet Spider
And write up my own unique flows with no worries
I don't need the X-men or Avengers
Or my friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
To know that I have some great repsonsibilities on my shoulders
Weighing me down like a ton of bricks
And I don't need someone like Doom
Telling me how to be a leader
When we all know his leadership skills could use some attention
I'm an enigma
Close to what Deadpool would say is
Very unique
Before muttering towards the wall
As if it were his faithful audience
I know who I am
I know what I do
So simply put
I'm freaking awesome
Qasid Ali  Mar 2016
Qasid Ali Mar 2016
Got million ways to ****
Guns, swords oh and my humorous quill
Not so handsome, badass still.
Levi Windolf  Nov 2018
Stan Lee
Levi Windolf Nov 2018
Thank you Mr Lee, for helping us see.
There's more in your universes, than we could ever be.
Your imagination, was without limitation. The heroes you gave us, they really did save us.
You started with a dream, that turned into a team.
They are called the avengers, and they'll always be remembered.

Silver Surfer, Iron Man.
Captain Marvel, Spider Man.
Winter Soldier, Black Panther,
Deadpool, Gene and Logan too.
Titans, Red Skulls, Sabertooth.
Stones of power on the loose.
Rocket, Thor, Gamora, Groot.
You made them all and we thank you.
At age 95, the man, the myth, the legend, Stan Lee passed away. 1922 - 2018, Rest in Peace, you've earned it.
JB Claywell Aug 2014
The local mall now has a Spenser’s Gifts;
I remember that place fondly as Al and I
make our way.
It’s where I sneaked a peek at Samantha Fox’s ****
for the first time,
saw my first **** ring,
wondering why anyone would want one.
I bought my first Metallica shirt at a Spencer’s;
spending twenty of my dad’s dollars.
Spencer’s and Record Wear House
were sanctuaries;
my escape from what my classmates
took for normal.
I took my son into that store
so that he could see the X-Men hats
and Deadpool shirts, the banana and pickle
pens caught his eye,
but I had to point out one more.
“What’s that one?” I asked.
Alex made a face, but in the end
he did what any 14 year old boy should,
he chuckled.
I took him in that store so that we both
could escape.
Earlier he walked the mall
a good fifteen feet ahead of us.
We stopped for ice cream.  
He chose a soda and wouldn’t sit with us.
It took a second, but
I figured him out.
He was trying his teenaged self out;
testing his wings.
As we walked, he’d wave at classmates
and be either sturdily ignored or given a cursory nod.
It was obvious that he wanted so much more.
It pained us, my wife and I.
So, I took him into Spencer’s gifts
in an effort to remove some of his innocence and awkwardness.
It may not have been the wisest move,
but at least, for a moment,
both of us felt peace.

-JB CLaywell
©P&ZPublications; 2014
Hank Pym Oct 2016
I love this guy
I really do
But he is like a credit card
Every time he gets used, things get worse
Hear me out

He killed his own parents
Uses his own daughter as bait for super villains
Kills people a lot
Constantly betrays his friend Bob by knocking the time out of him
Stole Dracula's fiancé and slept with her with a family present.
Taught her that the police were bad guys.
And so much more.

Now you tell me
Is he really a "hero?"
Leave a comment as your answer to the final question.

— The End —